Honeycomb House


(rombout) #41

Hmmm. i dont recall this mood in Ex Machina :slight_smile:
was way more mountain like, perhaps sort of a lake with a house :wink: way different style

(Christian Lipski) #42

Hmmm…, to me it gives a very similar vibe:

But of course that’s subjective (and there’s indeed a mountain that I ignored)

(cubrman) #43

The screenshots look gorgeous. I bow to your prowess sir.


Wow! Just stunning work. This looks so real I actually thought it was photographs at first. Did you make the 3D models yourself or did you get them from somewhere?

(Riyad Ahmed) #45

OH man!! I love it!!!

(enricoceric) #46

Everything has been modeled using Blender :wink:

(rombout) #47

A house and a lake :wink:

It “sort” of the same hahaha… I sort of get
But dang i would love to stay in that hotel, looks stunning

(enricoceric) #48

Just had a look to Ex Machina images from the movie, some stuning places indeed and very inspiring.

(MDR43Arch) #49

This is incredible work - congratulations. As an architect, & a Blender novice, I leave all technical issues to you experts who comment. What is fascinating, & poetic, is the implied attitude (?) toward architecture itself, & the way society has used traditional & “modern” forms. The old wooden cabin shows its age with quiet dignity, as if reminding us of a simpler age & culture whose character can still teach us valuable things. The modern structure (abandoned? invaded?) looks merely neglected, dilapidated, incapable of standing up to weather & seasons, an attempt, perhaps, at an ideal geometry that is artificially imposed on Nature. The boat seems ageless - functional, simple, shaped to its purpose in being able to carry us over waters without pretense. Living in the old cabin might be inconvenient or uncomfortable in Northern weather, but we would not be divorced from Nature there. The new structure, apparently (some lights on…) maintained & equipped with today’s systems, would probably offer us basic comforts wherever it was placed, up on its stilts, not even connected to the earth - & would at best treat Nature, of which we are still a part, as a disconnected image, something to merely look at. It would be in the graceful old boat where we would be fully a part of Nature, if we were tough, & open to the experience.

(turtletennis) #50

Holy #@*& that’s amazing, other than the close-ups I would not have questioned being told that they’re photos (if I’d seen them elsewhere)


So then the question is, how did you make them? And the ground?

(enricoceric) #52

Thanks Mdr43arch for taking time for this very analytic feedback, not sure my thought was so deep but I must admit you well captured the spirit of the scene :wink:

(enricoceric) #53

Well, would be a long story :wink:
By the way for the ground, I used the same mesh twice and superposed and applied displacement with a different texture on each of them, one with rocks and the other with a forest ground (from Poliigon).

(Ki-Mo) #54

This looks incredible except for one little detail: the shoreline. The grass and plants grow all the way down to the water, which is rarely seen in reality (except for maybe when the water is rising rapidly, drowning everything). There is usually a wet zone near the water (sand, rocks, gravel etc) with either very little or no plants, or lots of water plants obscuring everything. In some places there is also erosion, which has its own characteristics.

Also, objects touching the water seem a bit too dry, like the pylons.

That said, this is awesome! I hope one day I’m skilled enough to make something nearly as good. :slight_smile:

(Okavango) #55

The only comment i had for the renderings, but i didn’t want to spoil the perfect score :wink:
The contact with water is a topographical strip with it’s own life.

(Alain) #56

Great work ! :slight_smile:

(Solidseal) #57

Wow . thought these were pictures :smiley: pretty much the best renders of a house … ever

(Michael Kimber) #58

Outstanding!!! :laughing::+1:

(Marek) #59

God damn impressive work!!! I hope to reach this level of perfectionism some day…

(Hypure) #60

The cement in nature with the dreary colors give it a interesting vibe. nice one.