Horse Loop

I just want show you my latest project.



It was made for Weekend Chalenge #832 – Cinematography. Some great stuff there, worth checking.

and video

I made a loop. Starting from Edward Muybridge’s photographs taken in 1878 (first movie ever, kind of), through frame interpolation, mapping to mesh, vertex weight modifier, rigging stop blades, expotring to pc2 file, mesh cache modifier, instancing in Animation Nodes with object attributes output evaluation, baking animations, rendering frames, compositing, video editing in internal sequencer…

…I eventually finished very close to starting point. I learned a lot on the way.

Thats my loop. It was fun :slight_smile:

Blender 2.8, Cycles, Animation Nodes.

And some more pictures made by the way:

Hope you like it :wink:


That looks awesome! Nice job, man!
Hopefully one day I will also learn how to use animation nodes:sweat_smile:

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Thanks @Erik_Swanson :slight_smile:

wow that’s so cool :open_mouth:

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Glad you like it @hjrabi

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This is brilliant.