Hi…this is my latest personal project.
Reference : House in Crozon by Agence d`architecture Pierre-Yves Le Goaziou

Blender Cycles


Really nice project.
I’m just begin to learn Blender for Archviz.
Can i see more about this project ? Light ? Add-on ?

Thanks !

Thank you, for lighting I only use sun light, and I don’t use add-on

Ok thanks.
And for the tree ? 3D model or 2D ? Sorry for this basics questions.

3d model , ist ok :+1:

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Hi! great renders!

I’ve got some question, do you use default glass shader or another recipe?
Did you link those tree to another blend file or just put it on together?
What is your computer specs?

Thank you and sorry if I concern too much :smiley:

Hi … thanks,

yeah i don’t use the default glass shader, i added several volumes,

my computer speck is AMD FX-8350, 16Gb RAM, vga gtx 1060 3Gb. :smiley:

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Can you share the node graph?
Btw, it’s amazing how your PC can handle those trees and plants. I got a Xeon E3, 16GB RAM and 1060 6GB but my scene which is less trees than yours is not render due to lack of memory. How long does it take to render per view?

Thanks for sharing!

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this is a glass shader node, I also got it from a friend, and my tree doesn’t duplicate an object, but I use duplicate linked (Alt-D), for rendering it takes 1: 45 minutes …


Wow, thanks for sharing. Can I ask one more question? What’s the purpose of the volume thing? To make it dark?

it will be more visible when you use it in the interior, yes it has a dark depth, especially on the outside of the glass, it could also be me wrong :smile: :smiley:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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thank @bartv

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oooo amazing

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I love the lighting :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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thanks @Khanh_Nguy_n

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I love how realistic this images looks!. I´m an architect student, and I’m looking for achieving realistic results too. Would you mind sharing the render set and lighting for this scene?. Thanks!