Hats Off: @rioreo - House_Hic [RECREATION]

Hats Off is intended to be (I hope) a serie of posts where I will try to recreate other artists scenes I have seen in this forum that have caught my attention. They could include small variations and a personal touch. I do this as exercises to improve my Blender skills.

Before posting I always contact the original artist asking for consent to do this.

All of them will include:

  • A clear title with the original author and the name of the original scene
  • The name of the artist
  • A link to his/her scene in this forum
  • The images of what I have been able to recreate
  • Some comments about the problems and thoughts I have found in my try

Author: Rio Suryonugroho
Scene: House_Hic: House_Hic

Here is my recreation:

Some details I would like to comment:

  • At the begining I thought I could get a similar mood of the image, but I was wrong. Environment has been the main problem as I havent been able to recreate it. Tried several HDRis but no luck.

  • Im happy with the grass. It is a mix of a PBR texture and Scatter plugin.

  • My trees are generated with Sapling addon. Dont know if original ones are from a library.

  • I did not include the car. Im not so good to model it. And I want avoid using library items.

This is the second chapter. First one is here: Hats Off: @Swirlyking - A blender in Blender [RECREATION]

Hope you like the idea behind “ Hats off ”.

All comments and critics are welcome.


wow… good model @dogdayfear , the environment is better than what I made. nice work …

Thanks. Would like to know how did you do to create the environment: reflections, sky.