How do I make a cinnabon swirl pattern?

How do I make a cinnabon swirl pattern like seen below?

Hmmm :thinking: array modifier around dummy doesnt work, try spinning a some points, moving in x spinning again, moving x …
Edit: Ups i tried a quick one and now it doesn’t work anymore ???

Recently I had some ideas on spirally cupcake icings: How do I achieve this cupcake icing? - #3 by Tachtian. Maybe you can adapt some for you?

I’m and idiot: add-ons: add curve: extra objects: curve spiral. to start from…
to @Tachtian: I saw this thread but not your answer yet. (and also spiral to the rescue :crazy_face:)

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Heres a really quick way with meshes. Make a cube, loop cut it on one axis very often and elongate along that axis. Add a Simpledeform modifier, set it to bend and a really high Angle. Then set the cubes vertices abit offsetted and rotated around the y axis slightly ( in edit mode). Heres a screenshot of a quick demo. The cubes origin is still at 0,0,0.

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