How do I model this weird vaulted ceiling?

How do you recommend that I model this weird vaulted ceiling?

that is a vaulted ceiling

i got an example for this will be back with a file

but it is only a general shape still have to work out the arch beams

happy bl

here is file

vault1.blend (2.1 MB)

Hi, I saw this a week or two ago, not 2.8 but I think all the tools are the same… maybe different shortcuts.

What about the part that I have circled here? With the three smaller arches connecting to the tops of the windows on the wall?

Just after 02:15 (in the video), after he is mirroring the arch on the x and y axis, put an array modifier, so you get more arches.
You should maybe before mirroring and array, scale the arch on the x-axis. So you will get smaller arches.

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The only thing I can see is he uses Quick Pipe to add in the details…
grab a copy here…


I tried for about 4 hours and couldn’t figure out a way to do that, hopefully someone else can help you.