How do I rotate empty with a bone?

Currently I have an empty that is “Set Parent To → With Empty Groups”


The empty is the parent of the 4 outer blades:

The 4 outer blades is NOT part of the main model.

So what I want is that in pose mode if I rotate the bone, it should rotate the empty, which should rotate the blades, is there a way to do this?

Why not parenting the wings direvtly to the bone? Then in pose mode the wings move and rotate according to the bone instead of the empty which i think will (also) do what you want.

I tried your solution and it doesn’t seem to be working. I tried with empty groups and with envolved weights and still doesn’t work.

Keep in mind that each wing is not connected to each other as well.

Automated weight works for me:
WindMill.blend (118.7 KB)

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Lol I just tried this before I saw your message, thanks though :slight_smile: