How do I to get wet skin and lips

Hello, I’m still having a tough time learning blender materials and nodes and wonder how would I go about getting wet skin and glossy lips in a blender? I’m going for a sweaty look like this athletic-young-woman-doing-fitness-workout-weights and glossy lips like this

is there a way I could do this in a blender or maybe edit the texture in photoshop and bring it back to blender? maybe there’s a way I could isolate the lips on the face texture and make them glossy? but the sweaty skin I’m at a loss. any ideas? also if anyone knows any resources or courses where I can get a better understanding of nodes (like masking and shading) that would be appreciated.

I don’t have much experience with nodes but i would probably use a mix shader with one mix for the skin and the other one with a low roughness glossy shader, a fresnel node plugged into the fac can be used for control.

as GrimZA says, you should use glossiness, for the first photo, try to find a good b&w condensation picture, like this one (it’s not big enough though):


if you plug it into the Roughness socket of the Principled BSDF here is what it can give (you need to add a bit of bump to fake the skin texture):

For the second one you should create a mesh that you stick to the skin and use a glass material

@moonboots got you covered on the skin…for the lips… I use a LIP MASK…to blend the lip texture onto the face texture…as well as a Vertex group…
The actual wetness can be controlled by a specular map as well as the bump map, used as a clearcoat normal as well…

On the left bottom, you can see the maps ( they can be made using Materialize )


Damn. That doesn’t look like lip gloss, but lips covered in syrup or something. Yikes :smiley:

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I how would I go about making a lip mask? do I do that in a photoshop or blender? I’ve read through your comment like 20 times I’m still don’t quite understand and If I look up tutorials on masking there’s none.

thank you for your help It works like a charm.

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great then! :slight_smile:

A Mask is simply a Black and White image that you can use combined with a transparency Node to single out areas and add different effects. Most of the stuff for mask deal with Baking out a Transparency etc and it is not really needed…You can use the Color of the B/W mask to drive the Factor of the Transparency…

You can do it in Blender but Kita or PS might be better quality…
First off I create vertex groups for all the areas I want different texture effects…
In this case, a Lip Group…once created it can be selected out of the face UV and for PhotoShop or Krita save it out to use. In Blender…Just select that Group and Add a texture for Lips in the Materials.
Open the Texture Paint…and after you create the New Diffuse Texture in the N-Panel for Paint ( with BLACK as the background )…Call it Mask or such.
Then it is a matter of carefully adding white to the LIP UV, that should still Be in Place, lake a Greyscale White to Black over the Lips…
Seen Here…

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. all I have now are the stuff of nightmares

Did you add a new material for just the LIPS? Duplicate the Face texture but only assigned to the LIP Vertex Group…NOT the complete face…

Then add the Mask and Transparency to the LIP TEXTURE so that you can control the lips as a separate texture.

I think I need to explane the reason WHY I use the MASK!
It is to soften the HaRD EDGE that happens when you select the LIP VERTEX GROUP and add the NEW texture. If you don’t, then when you add a color tint to the lips it will form a HARD edge on the lips.

I think I got it. something like this?

and if I want to soften the edges of the lips I would have to adjust the falloff (I think that’s what its called) of the white in texture paint around the edges of the lip UV’s? ( I think I’m getting it) I’m sorry if I’m a little slow at understanding.

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Yes, Sir You GOT it…If you carry this process into creating the face texture then adding a lip texture to the face makes a nice blending between the two, and with this, you can change lip color at any time…also ( now you can see why I said that the mask might be better if created in PS or Krita, to get more control over the fall-off)

:scream: :sob: THANK SO MUCH FOR YOU’RE PATIENCE. I really appreciate it.

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i followed every step but my lips still look very odd, can you pls tell me what im doing wrong?

it looks the same with backface culling disabled

It is a bit hard to read your nodes…but I think I see that you have everything set as RGB on the textures…change everything except the color to Non-color Data in the color space…the only thing that will ever be RGB is a texture that adds color to your mesh, with just a few exceptions…
The mask is quite a bit rough…along the edges, it needs to be smoothed a lot! It needs to go from white to black as smooth as possible as well as the interior of the mask…those grey areas will add bumps and roughness to the lips as you are mixing with everything else…it also needs to stop just inside the UV you have set to get a good blend with the skin texture…and then blend to black for the mix…
Also, I see that you have the strength of the Bump map very high…drop the strength and distance way down to.02 or whatever looks best…also the oddness is actually from the Bump map so if you created it you need to smooth that as well, best if you use Krita or Gimp or PS to run the Bump through a Gaussian Blur Filter to smooth it at least one time or maybe two…

I have been trying to make this texture, but i cant see the principled bsdf node or any other nodes? what window do i have to open to see these?

Watch this tutorial…