How do you make water?

How do you make water i just want plain water thats like a ocean and when something falls in it, it splashes.

you could try here

But splashing is a little difficult, might be easier to just use sound effects and or billboard textures

Water objects need collision sensors linking to “splash_logic”'s controller. In this case there are two water objects, but there is no limit.
splash_logic runs a python script called “detect_splash” whenever there are collisions, The “detect_splash” script moves “splash_logic” to each collision location and adds a splash object.
This way many splashes can happen at once.
It is up to the objects that land on the water to float, sink or be removed, they only need to collide with the water. In this example the cube’s dynamics are suspended and it is removed after 200 logic ticks.
The empty objects below are there to create objects that make a splash however any object could be dropped.
The splash object its self must be in a disabled layer for the AddObject actuator to work.

Just a little document.