How many blenderheads do you know personally?

I was just wondering – How many blenderheads do you know personally? Not counting ones you know from this forum that happen to live near you etc.
I myself know 0. :frowning:
Sadly, many of my friends have tried it, but have gotten no further than rotating the view around the default cube :(.

I also know none, but I think there’s a couple of them in Adelaide with me.

None… I’m the only person in the area that does 3D.

ammusionist im a fellow adelaidian


That stupid retarded annoying Tracer guy.

(just kidding. We are friends.)

I have 0, Hobart doesn’t have many Blenderheads :confused:

I know of none.
But there are plenty of people I’ve shown Blender to…

there are not alot im lombard, illinois eaither

i am an island as well. altho RamboBaby lives about 20 miles from me, and another high-schooler user lives about 6.

I have 0, unless i can get some of my friends to start using it

i have 0 that i know of in missouri


i know of several blenderheads, in total 5

Ammusionist: BenDansie lives near you i believe…and he is a great blenderer…i would like to live near him…so he could teach me some things…:smiley:

vitaliy: can u name them?

I’m starting to get to know a few via the Michigan user group meeting. PhilBo, 5OnIt, and Honeycomb (a.k.a Phil, Paul, and Steve) are the main people that usually come. It’s kind of nice getting to meet people face to face instead of just talking on a forum.

its kinda hard to imagine that such a huge city as new york doesn’t have a user group… id attend if it was formed somewhere in the 5 boro area

I have an “apprentice” of sorts here in Oregon…

Unless you include the one or two perpetual novices that I introduced to blender, not a single one.

That will change when I go to the conference this year.

Well I know two, and they’re both on this forum! (or maybe it’s 3…)

Zero, I’m kinda working on a convert tho. Problem is I don’t know anybody else interested in doing (real) 3d…

How many people do you know who do CG with or without Blender? (one sort-of)