How to bake an armature animation

Hi all,
I’m having an hard headache, but I cannot resolve, I really hope you could help me.
I have a simple cylinder deformed by two bones controlled by an empty as IK Solver, let’s say it’s a simple arm.
I have to export it to XNA, so I have to bake all bones animation before, but I cannot find how to do and searching “bake” gives me results only about how to bake texture and so on.
Please tell me how it is possible to bake in Blender.
Thanks in advance. may be what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

Hi feelgoodcomics,
thanks for your answer, but what you suggest isn’t what I need: I need to have a keyframe for every bone of my rig in order to delete all the constraint objects and still having animation ready to export for XNA (game engine from Microsoft for PC and Xbox360).
Pepe, instead, does a “baking” of the mesh, having a mesh for every frame of animation, while that is good for classic animation, it isn’t asbolutely good for videogames, because it’s a really amout of data!
It’s really strange Blender has no way to create keyframes for every bone of a rig.
Still waiting the answer… :frowning:

if you want to keyframe all frames between, say frame 001 to frame 100.
You could try to select all the bones press I to insert keyframe, the the > key (key left) to switch to frame 002 and press I to insert keyframe.
Do that 100 times.
This is not a good answer but it is the only one I can think of from where I am. Not at my computer at the moment.

Holmen, it works only for few situation: actually, if you have an IK rig system, think of an arm, for example, where a bone does an IK constrain to arm bones, the animation is just in that bone and if you put keyframes in the arm bones as you suggest (and I’ve already tried), Blender doesn’t recognizes the IK constrain, so, according to Blender, the arm bones have no rotation/translation or wahtever, so you put empty keyframes!
I need a script or a button or a miracle to do the job!
Thanks anyway for your input, but I’m sorry it doesn’t work.

Hey thinkinmonkey!! I googled this a little bit and found out that there is a script included in Blender that does this!

Select the Armature, go to Object mode, I think that it doesn´t work in pose mode, and then open a new window and select the scripts window.There, inside the animation scripts, there is one called Bake Constraints.

I think that that should do it.

baking armature posings and bvh-export … maybe for a later
bvh-import. There in the last posting no.31 is the bvh-export script
and this does a baking too. Just checked it again, in the uploaded
script is only the for the bvh export. There was an script, which does the most of baking too. A search
in the forum for it … ?
the thread with posting-31 for bvh_writing:

if the py-script for armature-baking is lost, i need to check my backups
about …

@ jpbouza: really, really thanks! It works! I have to reattach the mesh with amrature modifier to the new rig, ok, I tested a simple one, but in the end, it works. I’ll try with a complex one when free and ready. Thanks again.

@test-dr: thanks for your answer, I’ll give it a look when free: I’m sorry for my answers so late, but works were hard in previous days.

Thanks all.