How to bend a plane with faces to get a perfect cylinder?

I was wondering about this little guide how to model a revolver. I’m studying the good topology right now, because I’d like to improve my modeling skills.

In blender I can’t find the exact same modifier to bend a plane like that. I came from Cinema 4D and I’m pretty sure I should figure it out in C4D no time. What can I say Blender is way much better, but sometimes I can’t find simple things like that.

An Array modifier followed by a Simple Deform modifier, set to Bend and 360 should do what you want

and ( as a follow-up to John ) in pictures:-


Thanks John and Damian! John yes I did what you suggested first, but using empties to get work modifiers kinda new for me. I tried with a bezier circle, sphere etc. Empties! They are important I’ll keep that in mind. It’s worked with the rotation trick.

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If you are going down the Array and Dimple Deform route and you are also using Subdivision just remember that you might have some vertices to join or merge after the modifiers get applied.

Also, if you need your cylindrical shape to have reasonably exact dimensions then work backwards from the desired diameter. π x diameter = circumference. Circumference / the number you are using in your array will give the needed width of the single section before the array is in place.

I have found I can do away with the need for an Empty if I start the model vertically so that the Array is dealing in X and the Simple Deform in Z and the object’s origin is on its flat plane surface.

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Yes joining the verticles is something I always keep attention to.

Oh yeah! The math. This little formula saved me sometimes. When I had to apply wine labels on bottle, or just any label on some cylindrical surface I used it.

Thanks again

I found a way to do that without applying the modifier. If I create a half cylinder only with 180%, I can connect the verticles with the mirror modifier changing the merge tolerance value.