How to center gizmo between two selected faces

Blender 2.8 How to center gizmo between two selected faces, vertices, etc.?

Hey sadicus,
if you are in edit mode and have 2 (or more) vertices,faces etc selected and press Shift+S you can snap cursor to selected. it will center the cursor in the middle of the selected .
Or its under Mesh -> Snap -> Curser to selected
When the cursor is placed , go to object mode and under Object-> Transform you can select Origin to 3D cursor.
now your object and its Vertices rotate around that point.

hope that answers your question

@ Alex3 Yes, Perfect!

How to create a button or a way to Macro these steps? (Like Maya, or Silo)
Maya would be “Shelf button”
Silo Would be “Center Pivot.”

The only easier way i know would be like this.

you snap your curser at your wanted point and change the pivot point to 3D cursor.
Then you dont have that transform step.
But then everything in your scene will rotate around the curser so you have to turn it off when editing other things.

Hi Alex,
When I do this, my gizmo in edit mode jumps to another location even though I moved it as you instructed. Do you know why that is?

Totally confused why this is happening… here is my thread with photo example How to move Selection/Transform Gizmo in Edit mode to center of selected edges?

I looked up your other post.
Either you have to set your pivot point to 3D cursor for editing or you can set your Mesh origin to your 3D cursor. Which in this case would be a better option.

First you set your 3D cursor to your desired location and then set it to your origin.
From there all your editing on this mesh will have its origin at this location.

Thats not a solution for every case, if you need to have multiple origin points while modeling i just snap the cursor and switch between 3D cursor and median point as origin as i go.