How to change/animate basis shape key

I’m doing an anime animation and the mouths have to be viewed from either the front or side. I have the mouth shapes as shapekeys and a basis for Front and Left or Right side.

When the mouth rests or goes from Ah to Ooh, it returns to it’s basis, so I can’t have a Front view movement default to the side of the face.

So, if my character goes from Front to Side view in the same scene, can I change my basis key mid-animation from Center to Left? Or do I have to write a script?

You can use a bone to reorient the mouth. The shape key deformation always happens before the armature deformation, and they accumulate.
The mouth can be posed with shape keys and retain that pose after being oriented by that bone.


In your case, that bone would control the entire mouth directly (with a vertex group assigned to it) or indirectly, by parenting lower bones that affect other parts of the mouth to this master mouth control bone, like at 03:09 of this video here:

Can’t really see what you have, but you may be able to set another key and use that as the Shape used as relative key instead of the basis key. That way it will morph from whatever key you want to use as the basis. You can also fiddle with vertex groups on your shape key.

So if you want it to deform from Ah to Ooh then make another key and use Ah as the basis in the panel on the shape key. (You can duplicate a key by using new shape from mix) Then on the new key Ooh change the basis to Ah.

I have issue with this. When I set the basis to the new shape key, it doesn’t deform from the new shape key, instead it still use the old basis shape key. Am I the only 1 having this issue? Can you please help? Thanks.

post a blend

Thanks for the reply. I tried to tweak around & have found solution on this which is posted here Shape Keys+. Thanks for helping :sunny: