How to convert and use step files in Blender?

Any links?

I found this.

But I need something I don’t have to compile. Maybe there is an in between open source solution? My google search is not helping so far.


Use FreeCad, it want´s to be the free alternative to SolidEdge once it’s grown up :smiley:

Create a new file.
Import a .step (among various other CAD file formats)
Export as… dunnow, .stl, .obj… whatever =)
Clean, merge and polyreduce in MeshLab on demand.
Import in Blender 2.49 if you miss an importer.
Save .blend
Edit in 2.5
Done and done :smiley:


Cool. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks!

Wow, just earned “famous link”. I wonder why considering that was not the best link in the thread… lol

Wow… 2010…

Anyway, bumping this because I think there is a better link for FreeCad.

New website, new version. No need to get it from SourceForge.


Don’t use FreeCad. “Cad Assistant” seems better.

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I love @ambi’s STEPper to import STP files into Blender:

BA thread:

My review of the add-on: