How to create Fiber like mesh

(DenysKurnosov) #1

Hi guys, any suggestions how I can create something similar?

Please, help. How to do this advanced mesh/object?
(DenysKurnosov) #2

Hey guys, please give a clue how to recreate similar “thing” on from here
Shall I look into procedural textures and displacement or particle path ? What would be a setup?

(FinalBarrage) #3

Merged duplicated threads.

(DenysKurnosov) #4

Thanks for merging topics, sorry for duplicate.

I don’t believe nobody knows here how to do something like that, please give me a clue :blush:

(BigBlend) #5

I’d imagine it’s a displacement texture that does this.

(FinalBarrage) #6

I dont think this is something you can make. Its either simulated or generated.

I dont know how to do it either way.

(Jeacom) #7

I would go with a normal map and very detailed textures.

(Emir Sinan Gürlek) #8

You can create such thing via procedural materials. Take a look at this as an inspiration:

(AndySC) #9

Have a look on YouTube for ‘Gleb Alexandrov Paint Splash’.
Taking a smoke sim with metaballs and playing with turbulence locations and settings may get you close.
Also the Ink Drop Tutorial from BlenderDiplom also on YouTube may be useful, IIRC that one showed how to build a procedural shader.

(burnin) #10

or simply hair & turbulence field