How to do this procedurally, with a NOISE texture, and I want it LOUD, LOL!

So, I’ve been working for a couple of days :woozy_face: to figure out how to procedurally generate a noise texture which radiates in a streaky fashion out from a center point, like the attached example I did in GIMP with the Zoom motion blur.

I saw a tutorial or two awhile back which covered something like this, but I can no longer find the aforementioned tutorial. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This should be fairly easy to accomplish, but should be and are, often are very different things. :roll_eyes:

Any help would be welcome. Thanks in advance

Is this for using as a material node?

Yup! :grin:

Any suggestions for how to do this?

OSL shader ?

Ummm, I don’t think so. What I am looking for is guidance on creating a node tree in the shader editor which will yield a result similar to what I posted in the example pic in my original post, or someone pointing me toward the right tutorials vid.

You see if something from the following thread might be useful to you:


From the thread @YAFU linked - I think this is the post you want:

Anything that looks like a nested node is just a Vector math node.

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Arigato Yafu! I solved the problem using an old response in BSE, and some experimentation. Posting my Node Treee here for everyone.

And, an example of the output.

Thanks for trying to help, everyone!

@ Yafu and Giacometti777:

I’d give both of you a solution credit if BA would allow me to! The post you linked to shows a much simpler and more elegant node tree.

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has a nice look

trying to make the nodes set up
but don’t know what the node above value is
can you describe it ?

nice work

happy bl

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That one threw me for a while too, trying to chase it down. It is a Converter>vector math node set to Normalize function. Hope that helps, and Happy Blending!

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some of the node values are difficult to read
can you upload a higher res pic so we can read all the values in nodes
or if you can upload file with a simple plane

starting to look like image uploaded

happy bl

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did a few tests here

bumps are not very good

not certain why ?

will try some other shape !

happy bl

Apologies, Ricky, but that’s about as high res an image as I’m going to be able to give you of the node tree. Not in the office today.

If the bumps aren’t very good, I might suggest playing with some of the values. I significantly improved things by turning the noise texture down to point 1 for scale, 8 for detail, point five for roughness.

The Multiply node after the spherical gradient’s colour ramp will control the size of your blast pattern, because the spherical gradient is of course acting as a mask.

Also, of course, adjust the strength of the bump affect. Mine is actually set at 10 with a distance of point 3

Also, if bump mapping just isn’t cutting it, you might try displacement, on a very heavily sub-divided mesh plane. I got some good results with setting midlevel to point 2, and scale of displacement to -1.

Anyway, Happy Blending, and have fun playing with things. Best way ever to learn… :grin:

Not real blur, it is fake.

Interesting looking nodetree Hikmet. I’ll have to play with that a bit. Simple and elegant though!

Edited for typos. Worn out keyboard…

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