How to have render results this good

hey guys this is my first time here , can anyone tell me how to have render results like the one in the image(not mine) , can this be done in blender or are those renders advanced for blender?

You’re going to have to be more specific about what you mean.

As a pure render, it’s just a basic materials and a basic 3 point light setup (more than likely).

I assume you’re talking about the piece in general?
What specifically do you want to know about.

Blender is perfectly capable of something like this - the limitation (or lack of) is more with the artist for stuff like this.

i guess i want to know about the piece in general , what makes it look good ?,is it subsurface scattering , ambient occlusion or the details in general ?:slight_smile:

There’s no “setting” in blender that’ll give you those results. Just really talented sculptor with great understanding of artistic fundimentals; lighting, composition anatomy that kind of thing.

thanks i guess i will have to be patient and persistent to reach those results :slight_smile:

It is possible to achieve this in Blender. If you are new to the 3D world, you will need a lot of practice in sculpting and materials/textures.
You start by learning really simple things.
You look on youtube for tutorials. For example, here in this channel you have tutorial series for a wool hat and for human skin:

Blender or any other 3d software does not do things on its own it is simply a tool, the important thing here is the artist, there are many incredible portraits that have used Blender, but it is not Blender that churns them out it is the artists behind them. These artists could achieve these results with other software because it is their artistic quality that matters.
Here are some examples

OP - have a look through the “finished projects” topic, particularly those that are featured to see what it’s technically possible to do in Blender.

The rest is down to your skills as an artist.

perhaps you’re also referring to the amount of details, for example the skin texture. To do so you can import an image that you use a texture for your brush.