Canpe's sketchbook


my first topic here,
some recent works to be updated from time to time, mostly portrait works.


Texturing and shading looks great! Is it handpainted (with blender)?

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I used XYZ textures mixed with additional painting and editing in blender and Mari.
Modeled, sculpted and rendered in blender. Uv unwrap in modo. Texturing in Photoshop, Mari and blender. I am still faster at modo at some tasks but getting used to it slowly:)

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what uv tools do you feel are missing in blender?

By the way thanks for your comment and hope you are doing safe and well nowadays.

Maybe not missing but i am not used to yet.
Uv relaxing, spliting and sewing tool in modo are quite timesavers for me now.

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Simple shark model with compositing with shadow catcher and also snow addon.


Music video for my short music with the same shark model
Animated in houdini, rendered in eevee, composited and edited in after effects


Here is the link for the shark model with all the maps.
Shark blend file

Again feel free to use, change and make it better for any personal, commerical project without the need of giving credits.


Wow, I absolutely love the texturing and shading work on both of your model!

Do you have an idea how long it took you?

Hi @_jb4x,
Thanks a lot for your comment.
I can’t exactly say the time in terms of hours but i retextured the shark 3 times from scratch. Final one here is Photoshop and blender painting with mostly noise texture mask. Probably took 1-2 days adjusting etc.

For the portrait, I used xyz textures which was way faster at the beginning but required adjustments and extra layers in Mari.

Shading for the portrait turned out to be much better for smoothing the bumps and displacement when I switched to random walk SSS.

@_jb4x some passes screenshots


Thanks for the answer and explanations.

I like to get those kind of info. When you watch tutorial or time lapse video it always seems to be super quick and obvious so having those real time to compare to is quite reassuring.

At the end I guess it really is just a matter of spending time tweaking and improving it as much as one can to get nice results.

Looking forward to see more of your work!

I am happy if it helped:)

you can check my web site for more of my works , they are diferent from the works here but if you are interested, go ahead.

I am making a few a test about sss and displacement and will tag you when when i have results.

thanks a lot

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@_jb4x As promised here is the comparison of Random Walk and Christen-Burley SSS models.
Displacement (XYZ Texturing) applied to the head model which I shared.

As documented, Random Walk keeps the details with less smoothing with more precise SSS with the expense of more noise in renders.


I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Same model with the first post with small edits. Just wanted to quickly try rigify as a person who is not related with rigging and animation. I am happy with the fast result it provides which helps me pose the character.


tracker in my living room


Thanks man. That’s a really cool model.

@skuax you are welcome. you can use riggify shark preset easily :slight_smile: