How to make my animation faster?

Hi, BA
I am working on a project which is a Demo video for this security system the company is trying to sell to the hotel.
And what Im going to do with blender is to make this character (Rain v2) to interact with the products (access, phone, door bell…etc ) in the hotel.
First I want her to walk in to the hotel, so I make a walk cycle with Rain by simply insert keyframes, and than select the root and keyframe to make her move forward. But I realize it’s kind of slow and can only move forward by a little distance.

Is there a way I can speed up the animation but not move or redo the keyframe?
Here’s the .blend file download
Thanks for any help~

You can change the frame rate, but you shouldn’t. Instead, select all the keyframes and scale them down on the X axis - S > X

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What @josephhansen suggested is the easiest and most straightforward solution. However, if you’re familiar with Blender’s Non-Linear Animation (NLA) editor, you can separate the Root location animation into its own Action, then combine that with the walk cycle you made. An added bonus of using the NLA is you can control the speed of the Root action by adjusting the Scale value in the NLA (not 100% sure that’s what it’s called, it might also be Animation Speed or Action Scale or something.)

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I hit A to select all keyframes then scale down by X axis, but these keyframes (RIG rainAction.001) can’t be scale down
where did I do wrong ? :smiling_face_with_tear:

Switch the dope sheet to the graph editor or the timeline

Thanks for reply!
it worked, I think
but those keyframes still doesn’t change…
RIG_rainAction.001 what does that mean?