How to make texture maps from an 3D object

I’m new to blender and new to this site so hello everyone. I could not google anything interesting to solve this topic. I would like to make a material (pack of image textures to use as texture nodes for shading in blender) from a 3D object. First thing would be fabric. I attached the image below. For now it’s an object with two array modifiers and subdiv. Shader nodes setup is also attached. I’m willing to use only free software and Photoshop CS5 (no Substance Designer).

My idea for now is to render this in an environment similar to a photo light box (to put constant and subtle shadows) and then make maps in Materialize. But so far I’m not happy with the results of Materialize when I use images downloaded from Internet.

If You have any idea, don’t hesitate.

And nodes…

And? What’s the problem? Sounds like you’re on the right track, although I don’t know what Materialize is. Wouldn’t recommend baking lighting into the texture, but it’s your texture, and there are times that’s appropriate.

Basically, you make an object, you render it, voila, image you can use for your texture. Usually this means separating some values to emission (so you don’t get rendered lighting), taking care about color management (so you don’t get sRGB roughness values or whatever if you don’t want them), and using an orthographic camera. A pair of arrays is often useful if you want to ensure proper tiling.

okay, I’ve found what I need. The procedure is like this:
For normals, roughness and diffuse :

for displacement :

useful one :wink:

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I searched for this topic some time ago and found this addon to be the most practical

Thanks, I will take a closer look into those baking tools.