How to place highlights [by moving mouse over mesh surface, lights would align to that normal]

3DS Max have a place highlight feature, very simple and I took it for granted…until I can’t do it no more in Blender…or can I ?

It’s very intuitive, you select the light and then after activating the place highlight command, you casually move your mouse over the surface of a mesh and the light will align to that normal [while keeping the original distance it was from the mesh], effectively allowing you to interactively place highlight intuitively on the mesh.

I think Blender Light Studio can do that (“3d Edit”)…

Thank you IkariShinji, but I don’t want to buy a car in order to use the radio inside.

I wonder if there is this one addon that do this one thing well.

Here is a link to some free options.

The one I linked to is free as well… The OP doesn’t seem to want “multifunctional” addons, but rather one that does only the highlight painting thing.

That is correct, I just want this one add on that can allow you to select a light, activate the add on and whenever your cursor in on the light will be shining right on it keeping the last distance it was away from that object.

Do one thing, just this one simple but very useful thing.

Did you tried Lumiere addon? [ADDON] Lumiere - Interactive lighting - Beta version.