How to "plate"a sculpted model

Hi folks,

Imagine i’m sculpting an organic shaped spaceship in sculpt mode.

Now, i want to “plate” it, kinda like a real passenger plane’s wing is plated. However the topology of the model doesn’t have the the lines i need to plate it in the way i want.

Which brings me to my question: how does one create shapes on the surface of a model that don’t in any way reflect the topology of a model? I really have no clue how to do this.

Thanks, hopefully, in advance!

If you don’t want to buy it, you can do similar stuff manually. It’s just extra geometry with a material floating on top of a mesh at it’s most basic level, creating a trim texture for plating and adding the geo for it is pretty straight foward, but the add on streamlines it a lot and has advanced features like parallax, material matching. If you intend to do hardsurface like that in blender I’d recommend getting it.

Thanks, looks interesting, but unfortunately doesn’t support 2.82!

Am i right in thinking it mostly automates boolean operations, or is it doing other stuff too?

I haven’t done any hardsurface recently so I’m kinda out of the loop. I also haven’t looked at Machin3s posts, but considering the popularity of his add ons it will most likely get updated sooner or later.

I think it started mostly by projecting geometry onto other and copying the underlaying material and normal info. Haven’t tried the latest features, but there seems to be tons of functionality for overlaying decals over models by boolean intersection and so on.

Good reading for the general approach:

I did a basic very trashy example from memory. Probably not the best approach or even the correct settings for what I’m trying to do, but you can use whatever tools that fit this approach.

(ignore the non tiling hand drawn normal map)

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That’s exactly the technique i use here.
and there is also some info on the way to tile it perfectly.
Nice to see that we are playing around on the same idea.

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normal maps would work.

You can do any thing you want anyway you want but I would box model a jet ,car .
Sculpt organic shapes like humans.