How to prevent geometry stretching when using Lattice, Curve, Armature,etc ???

Using Blender 2.49
Hello and good day.

I am very inexperienced with Blender 3D, and I am trying to create a “page turning” effect. That is, I am
trying to animate a model of a book. However, one of the problems that I’ve come across is that lattices,
armatures, and curves is that they stretch the geometry of meshes. This sometimes does not look natural.

As a poweful a tool as Blender is, I would think that there is a way to use these tools without

I have read this thread and this thread, and the threads they link to, but they seemingly do not solve this problem or maybe I am just to inexperienced to understand their solution… Seeing as that those threads are fairly old, I figured there may now be something that can solve my problem.

(Q1)So how can I prevent geometry stretching???
(Q2)Do you have any tips about creating a “turning page” effect???

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and happy 2010!!!

I can’t help with question 1, but I made a pretty decent page turning effect with a subdivided plain, making it cloth & using a single bone.


book_turn.blend (270 KB)

Thank you “The Happy Friar” for your response. The .blend file you posted doesn’t seem to be working. I suppose it is a little dated and not completely compatible with B3D 2.49. I’ll study it though. Thanks buddy!!!

loads up for me (I made it just for this thread). Did you try baking the cloth (page)?

Ok, I fiddled around with the bake panel, and got it to work. The problem is that I am inexperienced.

Thanks for the .blend buddy. I think it is an ok “page turning” effect, thanks friend. Of course I would still like to know how to prevent geometry stretching if anyone out there knows…

I did some playing around…

Looks like all modifiers deform, so lattices do, so does the curve & armature modifier (if you have the bone move only part of the mesh. If the whole mesh is one vertex group for the bone it doesn’t deform).

To get an object to follow but NOT deform a curve, use the “follow path” constraint. That’s under the object menu not the edit menu.

What I mean by geometry stretching is that the edge lengths change through the use of various modifiers and tools. Whereas, I need edges, vertices, faces to be repositioned - only , and - not - lengthened or shortened. I would at least - assume - that edge lengthening and shortening is part of the problem, I think… It seems logical that an on/off option for toggeling geometrical stretching would have been included in the various tool and modifier panels, but I see none.

What I think I’ll do is use some script to collectively adjust the length of a group of selected edges, and reset their length to their original. I geuss that would work…? I don’t know of any scipts to do this yet though.

Well thanks again “The Happy Friar” for the help and interest in my dilemma.