How to render for Anamorphic 3D Illusion Render

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I’m Sameer from India. I’m interested in creating Anamorphic illusion 3D renders for Outdoor screen. I made a scene in C4D using Camera calibration tag to create a camera position. I attached the C4D scene i created and a youtube link. I want to render out one flat video as shown in the below YouTube link Time stamp 1:13. I want to know how to achieve this in Blender. Please let me know how to achieve this. Thanks in Advance.

C4D scene →

Kia Anamorphic Video → (Timestopm: 1:13)


So i don’t have C4D to have a look at this but can find easily some tutorials with this search words: “blender anamorphic 3d illusion”… like (for example) here on BA: How to render 3D anamorphic movie on curved screen? (or fake 3D image) or this one Blender Daily: Create an Anamorphic Illusion with Blender! (VFX Tutorial).