How to rotate viewport 90 deg after Shift +7

Hello , I want to work perpendicular to the surface in orthogonal view. After I press Shift +7 I get that view BUT I want to be able to rotate that view in 90 degrees increments. How do I do that?
Thank you!

Numpad 2, 4, 8 and 6 rotate the view in 15 degree increments. This can be changed in Preferences under Rotation Angle (in Navigation tab)

No, did not work, I need to be looking perpendicular to surface I selected and pressed Shift+7

To make opposite direction add Ctrl to the shortcut like this: Ctrl+Shift+7

Use Shift+1/3 for sides (and Ctrl+Shift+1/3 for opposite).

I probably did not described what I need correctly…
In edit mode my objects has many surfaces that are at different angles kind of sphere.
I want to pick one of the surfaces and look directly onto it.
It is done with Shift + 7
Now I want to still look straight into that surface but rotate view 90 degrees .

Yes, it seems to work. Another question than. How do Save that view? Is it possible at all in version 2.8?

Shift +Numpad 4 or 6 six times will do that (or change rotation amount as I mentioned above)


Yes, it did the trick. Thank you!!!

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You can create camera and hit Ctrl+Alt+0 (to Align Camera To View, you can search that command as well). Be aware if there are multiple cameras, only active camera will be aligned. You can change that from Scene tab.
If you’re likely to have lots of cameras, I highly recommend Cameras Lister addon.

I don’t know if there is a better way.

I think we need to wait for add-on that is available in 2.7. Thanks!!! I will try the camera way too

You’re welcome.

Which addon?

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Very useful for me. I am working on aircraft cockpit and all things are at the angle so that add-on saved me a lot of time and frustration