How to select all objects in collection in Blender 2.8

Hi! Is there the way to select all the objects inside collection using shortcut (Blender 2.8)?

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“Shift+G”, then “o” or press “collection” in the pop up. :slight_smile:

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does not seems to work with Light probe !

happy bl

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Yes this is almoust it! but is it possible to get rid of the extra movement? for example on 7.9 version I made the hot key to select group by double right click and it was really handy… and here I need to push long “shift + G” after that next hot key…

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Thanx! I upgrade this methode, by add a shortcut to select all the group (collection) by just double click on any object from group! see screenshot how I did


Hey thanks for the tip! Unfortunately I can’t find a button to add a new shortcut. Has this changed in Blender 2.83?

I would like to add a shortcut that allows me to select the same meshes of the collection directly.
Can anyone help me?

Thanks a lot and best regards!

Hi! in 2.83 everything is the same… just go to User preferences - “Keymap” and there go to “3d View” - “Object mode” - “Object Mode (Global)” and go to the bottom of the list. Thereyou will have the “add new” button. Push it and to create new hot key just fill everything as in screenshot above:
Right or left double click
Type: Collection

And everything will work)

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That’s amazing! Thank you man!