Human Progress

Not as such, still working wrinkles and related improvements.

alright, cool !

Approximately how many hours per day and days per week do you dedicate to this project?

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Usually around 30-60 hours per week scattered across 6 days. Some weeks I hardly get anything done on it at all. It varies a lot.


Oh…, same thing happen to me. Sometimes i get a lot done and sometimes hardly anything. I though that i was the only one. :wink:


Nope. You’re not the only one. :wink:


The two wrinkle maps have been redone, with “stretched” versions of the high detail static bump/displacement map incorporated into them. The masked portion of the wrinkle map now dissolves into the static map instead of adding on top, to create the impression of stretching pores/microstructure.

I leveraged this for the sculpted soft tissue detail as well by baking the sculpt and adding it to the static map instead of using Multires directly. Not only does this save memory, it allows the lips in particular to change out of their sculpted shape when stretching.

Now all I need is a way to have a third map activate only when two controls are moved together, so I can add dedicated “worry” wrinkles along with some other missing wrinkles/distortions.


thank you for sharing this. The model looks AAA+ perfect.
Are you going to post any of the shader setups regarding the blending maps?


This is leaps and bounds ahead of everything I’ve ever seen. The fact that there are missing wrinkles surprises me. Also, your workflow in creating this perfect face is so unique it almost feels proprietary.

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Omg these bump maps looks soooo good that’s insane (wrinkle maps looks insane as well)
Is that motion capture ? because the movements look really clean !

Last thing, when do you plan (if you planned it already) to upload the textures and wrinkle maps on gumroad ?

You’re a god among men. Unbelievable work, Chris :exploding_head:

God, those little twitches on holding the extreme poses look so right. Are you hand keying those, or are you using the noise modifier on the curves?

Seriously, the animation for your demo vids is always impeccable and I feel like it doesn’t get talked about enough. What’s your… uh… hierarchy of importance? I just wanna know what rules you operate under, cuz you seem to know something a lot of animators don’t, heh.


Hey Chris, will this amazing work but up for sale on your gumroad?

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Thanks all :slight_smile:

Keyframed, using video reference.

When they’re ready, and the logistics are all worked out.

There are noise modifiers on the head and neck controls (and camera), everything else is keyframed.

I’m not sure, I guess I just have a knack for sweating the details. From my observations that doesn’t seem as common a trait in animation as it is in modelling or other disciplines.


great work chris, awesome stuff
my question is simple, whats the end game here? for example; when creating Tesla Elon Musk had a plan - ultimately transition to electric by starting off by selling expensive cars at low volumes and scale up and sell cheap cars at high volumes… ect

so, back to my question which is what are you trying create here? and will it be modular and tweakable?
cheers, Y


welp, now i have a new goal in life

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You’re saying it’s baked maps, so it’s displacement or normal maps because the surface deforms not just changing light direction as in normal/bump map… Thanks. (must be very massive node network too XD)

can’t wait :heart_eyes:

Sorry, missed this one :point_up:. It’s essentially what I had earlier, but with the static bumps plugged into it so they fade out when the wrinkles come in.

The original goal was (and still is) to use it for characters in my own projects. Making it available for others to use is something that happened along the way. In terms of the latter, the destination is a bit blurry… how modular and tweakable it will end up depends on what sort of obstacles I run into along the way, and for how long it sustains my interest.

Ultimately though I plan to use it to replace all our bodies once our brains have been uploaded to the Matrix.


They’re greyscale height maps, with Displacement and Bump enabled.

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