Human Progress

It could also be the order of your modifier stack order

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this is damn awesome, i need to learn from you!!!

Hmm, not sure what the issue is there… even if the normals were inverted the hairs should stay affixed, just pointing in the wrong direction I would think.

are planing to make a few tutorials of your work?

Not at the moment, I’d need to invest too much time into it. Thanks for asking though.

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This might be my last update for a while, as I have to go and earn a living for a bit. :neutral_face:


Chris I have a question, do you model the eyelids wide open? Seems to me one of the significant errors with this kind of work (not this one, but “realistic” characters is the lack of proper deforming eyelids).

Do you recommend modeling it half closed?

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They’re in relaxed open pose, as per the head in post #1. More about that here:


freaking genius

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Ah, gotcha, thank you!

Inspiring work. Hugs From Brazil. We love Blender here, i ministrate classes for childrens with Blender and traditional arts, and it’s awesome show them how unbelievable high they can get with Blender.


From the thumbnail preview, I thought this was a reference video of a human eye… incredible work man!

I knew your name sounded familiar. I used to follow your work years ago, you were a massive inspiration to me when I was first learning about animation/rigging.

Keep up the awesome work!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Beautiful work Chris!

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How do the render times compare to your “eye piece” video in 2014?

how did you get the bump from the cornea to deform the eyelids?
shapekeys? rig? softbody simulation?

He mentions it earlier in this thread.

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Dude im speechless this is incredible. Whats that DnB track in your rig video btw (:?

what the … I think it’s the most impressive eyes I ever saw.

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hat’s off, really impressive work! thank you for sharing the process.

quick question - is The Passenger available for digital download somewhere? I’d love to buy it but don’t have an optical drive.

What’s everyone talking about? This is horrible stuff. Really, as a professional, makes me shake my head. For making the rest of us look bad. =S

Kidding aside, this is truly fantastic. I’m keep thinking of your work as a standard as I’m working on my current project.