Human Progress

It’s basically a transparent, glossy material with the vertices around the edges made invisible by changing their vertex colour to black and applying an Attribute node that references the vertex colour name, which is fed through a ColorRamp node into the Glossy BSDF.

Thanks! I have been really inspired by your work and am trying to learn as well! I got a bit stuck on that part as I wasn’t getting it transparent and reflective.

This is . . epic, like watching the future . . :slight_smile:

Jesus Christ . .

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This looks amazing, great job! :heart: :scream:

Hey guys,

Not sure if it helps but i made a post about a tutorial i made to symetrize weightmaps.

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Hi @ChrisJones , big fan of your works. they put DAZ studio characters to shame.

Can I ask, is the tear meniscus concave or convex? I read water is concave (curved in) but tutorials are saying to make it convex (like a tube). Also, are you applying any noise texture to it to try and break it up a bit?

You mentioned black intersection between meniscus and caruncle. Seems to be a transparency issue. Did you try turning up the number of transparency rays?

@fainas1337 I’m not familiar with the 3Layer setup that you’re referring to, but as you can see here, the difference between Principled BSDF and SSS node setup is pretty subtle. I haven’t come to a conclusion which is best to use myself. I noticed your 3Layer render has a grey BG, which might be reducing its apparent translucency compared to the others.

@davidtriune The meniscus is concave, and indeed has a noise texture applied. I found an old render test where you can see it a bit more clearly.

Human 17y Tear

I don’t recall whether I did anything with the transparency rays, but I’ll look into that when I revisit the eye. Thanks for mentioning it!


Can I have a node for wet line around eyeball? @ChrisJones

@ChrisJones Hi Chris, amazing work ! I have few questions before buying the P.M.P.P.P.
Is there a Young / Old blend shape ?
Is some realistics skin textures included in the pack ?
Is there some phoneme blend shape in order to do some lip syncing ?
Thanks a lot !

Hi Dango,

at the moment (Version 1.1.2) this is a partially rigged human basemesh, without textures, without a face rig. If you need different gender roles, you’ll need to buy either the male or the female addon.
There are no textures included, as mentioned, this is just the base to create your own characters.

Anyway, this is a perfect moment to buy his stuff, the price will raise soon after V2.0 has been released…

A pretty darn good work, I hope the face rig will appear in the near future (ping Chris :))

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Hi ByteC,

Thanks for the quick reply, I intended to use the proportions add-on too (to create elfes, gnome, dwarf, etc). But it annoying for the face rig and the textures :sob:. It would have been good to have at least a default texture.

I think I will wait for future improvements.

As ByteC says, all those things are absent from the rigged mesh (but on my roadmap), so yeah you might want to hold off if you’re specifically after face rig and textures. Also bear in mind they’ll almost certainly be separate items (as in not included with the body rig).

Me too, although there’s a lot that needs doing to it before it’s fully functional - and I have a showcase video to finish making first (plus races and textured eye rig are also demanding my attention), so while it may not be in the very near future, it shouldn’t be in the distant future at least. :wink:

no worries I’ll wait :smiley:

Got a question, earlier you mentioned the thin shiny line between the eyes and the skin are attached via shrinkwrap… But how does it stay there when you animate it? With surface deform modifier?

EDIT: Sorry one more… The bump map is even on 8k a bit pixelated… I have the uv map of the face scaled to the whole uv map, did you made any other changes to make the quality better?

Wish you a great day.

Hello, I like your rigs and I wanted to learn how to rig like you do. I checked that you sell Universal rigged human base mesh. Before I buy it I wanted to know something about this product:

  1. Is it possible to break down your rig to the basics to learn how you painted weights? Or the package is locked or something and this info is not possible to derive?
  2. What about topology in this model? Is it good to use as a reference for my projects?
  3. Can I use this project as base mesh for my other projects or even commercial?
  4. And I don’t understand this section about different models: I have to buy male and female meshes too, and the original package contain just some average body or something? And if I buy female body - I can just plug it in this rig or something? This means that I can plug anything to this rig? Please explain!
    Thanks for answers in advance.

I did have it shrinkwrapped at one point, but it’s just part of the body object now, so it deforms with it.

Not sure why that would be… got a screenshot?

It’s just a normal .blend file, so everything’s accessible.

I don’t see why not, it works pretty well I think (always could be improved though).

Basically you can use it for personal or commercial projects as long as you’re not redistributing the actual model or rig, or doing anything naughty with it… have a look at the license here.

The rig only has a gender neutral mesh; if you want to enable male and female shape keys you can buy either the male or the female and apply it using the instructions here. You can add your own shape keys of course, sculpt it, paint it, mangle it to your heart’s content.

By the way the price is going up sometime tomorrow (in the next 12 hours at the earliest), so you’ll have to be quick if you want to save a bit of money!

[EDIT] make that 9 hours at the earliest… it’s later here than I thought!

Wait but when you change the mesh that has a multires modifier it will be damaged ? or not?

Regarding the bump map. I am currently debating with myself if i should sculpt the details in and bake a map, the new multires modifier makes it possible… Or should it be just a painted bump map?

Here these artifacts… The images are high res for the bump painting 4k tif images.

Thanks for your time. I am currently figuring out the right workflow. The mesh resolution should not change the anything so that why its low res here.

It’s finally happened, I’ve finally found a basemesh that I like enough to buy. :raised_hands: I look forward to using it!

@ChrisJones can you show node wet line encircling eyeballs, I want to see how you did it.