Human Progress

No I think that’s all of them.

but what about the hair?

Oh yeah, the hair…


and do you have the little white hairs all over the head? (i can tell your annoyed, thats it i promise(until the mouth))

Sculpted a template for a new base mesh.

Although I had planned to create a racially averaged male/female hybrid for this task (and already spent some time trying to sculpt one), it’s dawned on me that starting with some smaller subsets and using one of those as the base could ultimately work out better. Since I already have a European male, I set to reshaping good ol’ Ed into something more generic, using photo composites of European males for reference.

@TheAwesomeYT The vellus is just a Glossy BSDF and Translucent BSDF mixed together (probably not worth posting the nodes :wink: ).


cool head! because its not finished and its just a sculpt, can you… upload it??? :smirk:

Are you planning to develop this into a customizable character creator? Because if so, I’d be willing to pay for something of this quality. I don’t know of anything else on the market that comes close to looking this good.

This is some serious shader work, amazingly realistic!

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Generic Asian male:

It’s a nice sentiment, but given that it’s the master sculpt, that’d be somewhat akin to giving away the blueprints…

That is the (longer-range) plan. :wink: I’m yet to decide whether that functionality will make its way into the shorter-range plan (a.k.a the “budget” version) though, which is partly why I’ve pulled forward some of that part of the project to now.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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your eyes are based in this tutorial? btw this guy has been guiding with your work,check his other youtube videos

hey chris im making a tutorial on how to make an eye like you can i shoutout you

Oh my god, that’s just amazing! You NEED to make a multi-video deep tutorial on this, the world needs such things!!

im making a tutorial on how to make an eye just like how @ChrisJones does it

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Generic African male

Actually they’re based on this

which was based on trial and error.

Of course. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Embassy_of_Time, unfortunately though the odds of that are not great:

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It would be cool if these could somehow be included in the makehuman addon… They look amazing. :slight_smile:

There are some pretty good synthetic voices out there. Just sayin’…