Human Progress

I got the video to play on Twitter without the sensitive content warning after trimming a few duplicate frames off the end and reposting it, so apparently it wasn’t about the gestures after all (or anything for that matter). So that cost me another couple of days of stress, thanks again Twitter! :unamused:

Anyway obviously no offense was intended, so I’ll leave it be unless I hear of any actual objections.


DanPro has stunning tuts, they are long but he seems to have massive understanding and knowledge. Helps a lot

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I’ve just seen some of his videos, and lots of them are about human rigging.

Everything is offensive to someone somewhere. The internet makes sure there are several billion of those someones everywhere seeing your stuff. No matter what hand gestures you include, you’re going to get “actual objections.”

Ignore and keep creating great things. Don’t get hung up on weird political ploys by the perpetually-aggravated.