Human Progress

While adding some new functionality, I’ve been finding out how much abuse the rig can take. Quite a bit, it turns out (aside from the odd weighting/shape key/Multires glitch, which is to be expected).


Jumping in to start following the process over here.
Impressive as always.

Michael/aka prometheus on newtek forums.

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Thanks Michael,

It’s like a LW convention in here so you should feel at home. :partying_face:

New comer to modeling, took some time to read this whole thread and at this stage of my game, its a bit advanced, but wanted to comment. @ChrisJones, your talent and skills are obvious from this thread alone, part of your character (as a person, not model) also shines through by answering peoples post and sharing. You see alot of people just showing off their work, but you also contribute to others learning. Thanks.


Well that’s nice of you to say. :blush:

I’m impressed you made it through the whole thread (Bonus points if you did the LW one as well). :wink: By the way I found you can get a more condensed version of it by clicking my name and filtering the posts.

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Been playing with this rig for the last few days and I love it. Downside is, I hate my other rigs now. :smiley:

Got a couple quick questions - any way to bind a different topo to it? I wrapped a different one, transferred all the groups and shapekeys, but it’s pretty broken, probably the missing shape key drivers.

With those hands, how did you manage to change the proportions? Don’t wanna break the rig by unlocking things I shouldn’t.

Also, can’t help to ask, do you have a roadmap of some sorts? Just really curious of where the rig is heading next.

Last one - I didn’t see any correctives for the scapular region, still need to check the drivers for the shoulders and such to make sure it’s not clashing, but before I dig myself into it I figured I’d ask if it’s in a planned update.

Keep up the amazing work & thanks again for sharing your work with us!

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Thanks @dan2, glad the novelty hasn’t worn off yet. :wink:

If you’re using a different model, the idea would be to keep the topology as is, and adjust the base mesh to fit it (possibly with the help of Shrinkwrap, but I need to do some more R&D there), and bake displacement/bump maps for the finer details.

If the model differs to the extent that the topology of the base mesh would need altering, it’s probably outside the basic scope of the concept (i.e. to work within the range of normal human anatomy/proportions, with some leeway). That being said, I’d like to be able to cater for more severe departures if possible. It might help to know more about the shape of the object you had in mind, in case I’m neglecting something.

You can scale fingers from the wrist by selecting the finger control and shift-selecting the metacarpal, and scaling them with Transform Pivot Point set to Active Element. I’m considering dedicated controls for that…

The basic project goals are as described here, but how it plays out chronologically is a bit uncertain, other than ending up with the base rig/mesh, a fully fleshed-out human, and a bunch of components in-between. Beyond that, I have ideas for wearables, hairstyles, custom characters etc… (as long as I can stay interested, and there’s a market for it).

The rig and base mesh will be updated over the course to accommodate the “complete” version, and any features that can’t be reasonably extracted into a separate component (such as customisable proportions, by the looks of it) will find their way into the base rig.

I’m leaving the scapula as is for now (as well as muscle contraction), until I’ve found out a way to create the appearance of objects sliding under skin. Shape keys aren’t really the best solution for things like that.

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Thanks for the swift reply!

It’s not about the shape, mostly about having a production topology I’m used to, with 200 UDIMs and maps all baked out, variations for textures, working shaders and whatnot. Hard to shake off habits sometimes, a five pole vert not where it used to be, and it can drive one crazy when sculpting.

I can make a separate UV set to make a UV based vert position copy but that’s a bit of an extra step.

Thanks, great to know! It’d be great to have some simple controls to modify the proportions, like you did with the hands. Reminded me of the movie The Thing, immediately wanted to play with things like that. :slight_smile:

The roadmap sounds great! I think a lot of people would be into customizing their rigs, going from Pixar style to GoT Giant.

I tried playing with some collision objects, putting a ribcage in there and scapulas, but wasn’t able to properly set up the constraints. Also, shrinkwrap is a bit unreliable in Blender and a corrective smooth on top would probably slow the rig down. By the way, that’s another thing that I love, how fast it is. :slight_smile:

Ah ok, strapping a whole pre-existing project onto the rig and retaining all the proper deformations would be a challenge I think (for me at least, as I’m not so well versed in Blender’s tools for transferring things yet). So that’s in the hands of the users for now. :slight_smile:

I contemplated selling the rig by itself at one point for use with other models, but thought that would probably be futile since you’d have to redo all the weighting, corrective shapes and such. It would open it up to more use cases if I could come up with a workflow though, so it’s not off my radar.

I already have a working prototype in my master file. :wink:

I seem to recall trying something with shrinkwrap, but there’s still a nagging in the back of my mind that says I don’t have a solution for skin slide yet. I did see someone using a cloth sim that sort of worked, so maybe there’s some potential there.

That’s probably a useful byproduct of me having to optimise it enough to work on my antique hardware. :wink:

Essentially what I did was snapping my topo onto your topo using wrap3 to get the meshes aligned, then I transfered the groups and shape keys using Mauricio’s mesh data transfer. So I have my topology in the same shape as your mesh and having all the vert groups and shape keys transferred via local space.

Only thing I’m missing (I think) is to attach the drivers to the shape keys, could do that manually I guess unless there’s something naming based on github somewhere.

Yes pleeease!! :smiley:

Wouldn’t that be super slow? I guess baking them in as shape keys would be a huge mess, keeping it live might be slow, but then again, they just did some work on the cloth self collision code speeding it up quite a bit. Live one’s would depend on velocity, so it’d be mixed results when used in anim. Never ever seen a muscle system work properly though, and I’ve seen quite a few in production. I’d go with deformers, but I’m not a rigger, just my 2 cents :slight_smile: .

I envy you, I really do. :slight_smile: I miss my 10mhz AT with whooping 1mb of ram, no video card cause they basically didn’t exist back then, 20mb hard drive I couldn’t fill and the crystal clear sound of my pc speaker. I like old PCs.

Oh in that case it sounds like you’re most of the way there then! Hooking up the drivers shouldn’t be especially difficult, just tedious…

I haven’t even touched cloth yet, but a simple deform effect of some sort would suffice. I got excited when I saw a Texture input in the Warp modifier, but that just scales a texture that’s locked to the surface instead of dragging one around on it if I remember correctly. Might be able to nut something out with displacement maps come to think of it…

On the other hand, by the time I get around to it everything nodes will probably have come to fruition and there will be a plethora of ways to do it. :slight_smile:

Not to spam my thread, but…


cool! now i dont have to save as much!

True that!

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So Chris, I’m ready to purchase the full rigged version, but I want to make sure I’m getting this right: The rigged version has both male and female versions, or do I have to manipulate one to get the other? Sorry if I’m dumb and if I’ve asked this before.

The rigged version only has the half-way-in-between gender. To get the male and female you’ll also need just one of the base meshes in my previous post, and then apply that as a shape key via the assembly instructions.

Not sure I did the best job of explaining that… I’ll have another go if you’re still confused. :slight_smile:

Wonder what a ‘half-way-in-between gender’ looks like? Better don’t use my imagination. :rofl:

I think it would be great if you would show this mesh on github, so it’s clear what we get with the base version. (The meshes I see there look pretty male to me. Well…a little detail missing. But apart of that…)
Sorry if the meshes there are what’s included in the base version.

Personally I’d rather wait for a ‘complete version’. I think you’re planning to release one as well, right?

You can see it in the second cover image on the Gumroad page.

I have a feeling most people aren’t seeing it there though, Gumroad doesn’t make it very obvious that there’s more than one image to scroll through. Maybe I should move it under the header? I might have to revise the naming of these things as well, I think that’s partly where the confusion is stemming from.

I am planning on that, but there are some caveats… it’s a massive amount of work, so there will be a looong wait, and consequently it will be at the higher end of the price spectrum (maybe even the highest… how high does the spectrum go? :wink: ) There’s also the possibility I could go stir crazy in the meantime and won’t be able to finish it, so it’s best to temper expectations.

Hence why I’m releasing parts of it as I go along, so people can start making use of what’s ready already.

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Hey, why is there no main rig in the Male Base?

I believe I understand. I’d need to buy the base rigged version and then buy the female base mesh separately and apply that one as a shape key.