Humanoid Mecha

This started out as a study of Bruno Gauthier Leblanc’s ‘Humanoid Mecha’, see

While working on this, I got frustrated that it was unnecessarily hard to turn a block mesh into a more refined mesh. When you approximate a bevel with a chamfer or a low res bevel, you can’t just increase its resolution later on. On the other hand, if you use a high res bevel early on, you are committing to it, making adjusts at a later time hard or impossible.
This then led me to developing the MESHmachine addon for blender.

All the materials(other than the decals) are textured via box mapping. Nothing is UVed. Rendered in Cycles on renderstreet.

Blender, HardOps, DECALmachine, MESHmachine. Small amount of post work in Blender’s Compositor, added noise and set a few hot spots in Krita.


Reminds me of Final Fantasy 15. The quality is extremely good. Pro.

Great job , I like your concept & hard surface modeling , their gathered scene is great

Nice! Looks awesome! Maybe Red eye’s or something would put it over the top!

The details are pretty awesome… it is definitely an amazing work…:yes:

That is a very nice piece of virtual hardware you have there. It hits all the right “buttons”.

This is just amazing! Awesome concept and execution! The add-on looks interesting too! It would be really nice if you could elaborate a bit about your texturing process if that’s not to much to ask.

The last picture is stunning! Wow!

First of all this looks beyond fantastic!
can you please link me to a place where i can learn this technique? thank you!

Solid work

epic, super cool design.

looks like the link is wrong.

Awesome!! I love everything, so professional!

MESHmachine? That sounds like HardOPS copy???

PS you do know the bevel modifier right? Go check HardOPS, its perfect for these kind of models. Seems like you re-invented the wheel here :slight_smile:

Great model!!!

I think is not hardsOps copy, is another solution.

Really nice work. Love the design and the monochromatic “color” scheme. Better than stuff i’ve seen in movies.

I wouldn’t call this a copy (it shortens the effort). If anything these tools compliment each other. I can’t wait to integrate this tool deeply into my workflow as well as I master it.

Ive become addicted to fusing and csharping and boxcutting and just madness.
Also for the record. MAchin3 has submitted much to hard ops and its development as well. So… machin34president

Wow, that’s amazing ! Again, just awesome, love the massive chesthugger.

Have made the legs yet?


That’s really impressive modelling and also very interesting study about hard surface modelling.

It’s quite good point at the moment that modelling curved but shar meshes with bevels is quite tedious with subsurf and without you lose the ability to increase face count dynamically.

As a side note is that model riggable and does the mesh provide range of movement without parts clipping?