Humming Bird Render

Just made this humming bird in about 5 hours.


Inspired by @lastrodamo’s render of a kingfisher.
Render Time: 43 minutes


You’re #featured! :+1:

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One heart is not enough.
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Not sure what kind of excellence the high council of blenderartitsts have seen in this artwork (which is a WIP btw).


Wow looks super nice, especially seeing that time frame. Great results :slight_smile:

Thanks Bart!!

The bird is really nice,very photorealistic…it’s so realistic that the flower on the left seems now a bit toonish…

Very good!

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It took me some time to make out whether this pic was really a drawing or a photograph. I finally saw the petal on the left and was convinced.

Top class work. Really awesome !

Yea the flower was made last minute(more like second) to add something to the render.
Probably should do a re-render with a better flower.

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Wow!!! It is really great! Congratulations!

Really nice, really really nice!

Would you consider making the wings translucent (adding some transparency) and blurring it a bit more to see how that would look?

Yea I might add some motion blur to the wings. But when I rendered this it hadn’t been rigged yet.