I am guilty...

It is all my fault. I admit it. All of the locked threads, political/religious discourse, hijacking, stupid posts, stupid replies, discord in general, funky artwork, all forms of disrespect, wondering way off topic. Yep, I did it all! So now, here is your opportunity to give me both barrels… . Go ahead and let her rip, or as someone we all know and love said, “bring it on!” I deserve it. Thank you for your crits, . I will beat myself this evening with cactus.

Cheers! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my pixelmass:http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/8521/117mh.gifNow that you’ve admitted it, you’re on the way to recovery!http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/hug002.gif(p.s. I’m just as serious as you)

Since this tread is even more pointless than the last one, I will quote my favorite books here instead:

“This sentence no verb.” -GEB, an EGB

“This sentence is meaningless because it is self-referential.” -same

“… Or else you’ll end up confused and disoriented. Meaning you’ll be removed from China. Get it? Dis-oriented? Man, I hope these jokes get better.” - I forget title. Quote’s accuracy not guaranteed.

Forty lashes with a wet spaghetti noodle! Just kidding,pixelmass.:wink:

Whip me , Beat me, I am your love poodle…

dammit, wrong forum, sorry about that :stuck_out_tongue:

who are you people?

It’s not just you. There’s a lot more people out there who are kinda stupid. Take this thread for example. Lukus misunderstood CD’s post and pretty much turned it into a bashing arena. We need others to just shut up about their personal fits.

Really! we will see the next day and your next thread!
if your guilty is there a spot for me two?! I think I may join in too!
hOHOHA pixelmass dude what can we do with-out! after all you are what you are!

It’s snowing outside!

Okay, but it is a twelve step program… Now that I have admitted my fault(s) where do I go from here?

Ah. Whenever cgtalk starts feeling too stuffy, I come here.

And then I go back to cgtalk.

I love you guys. and girls. and transsexuals. and dragons.

We need that kitty guy to come back…

Who, ValarKing?

What? Like this:

I’ve only had one of my threads deleted. Of course I am on most peoples ignore lists . . . but not the moderators cause otherwise my thread won’t have been deleted.

And pixelmass, here’s a supersonic missile heading your way. I’ll let the UVM game decide the content of the missile.

Most people have you on their ignore list because they get the impression ‘go postcount go’ whenever they see you reply.

Maybe try to be more productive in Blender and be on the forum.

Just give it up dude, you know, like quit?

Thank you for not putting me on your ignore list.

Post Count +1 for me (and ofcourse for you).

In future I will try to be more productive.

And for anyone, post +1 to you too.

Have a great day!

Actually pixel-mass since you wanted to the target for being the one who locks threads and stuff you know, I was going to dump the contents of the UVM machine on you … but I think CD made me hijack your thread. So I will dump the outer contents of UVM on CD too.

Heh, Cd you are such a hypocrite!

Kbot, Oh nooooo! Not the whole contents, I will need a wheelbarrow!

I guess you have to ask yourself, “why?” What is so dark within yourself that you let it out on others? Why is it there, and why haven’t you been able to let it go?