I HATE the new forum (More each day)

(Bart Veldhuizen) #244

There IS in fact edit history (see below). I feel this discussion is a bit academic; what the software does is provide a local proxy for a provided image - copies of images are stored everywhere on the web, in caches, proxies etc. I don’t think the copyright argument holds.


(Felix Kütt) #245

See my reply to @3DLuver above.

@LazyVirus more than the broken links downloading the files also gives a chance to locally scan the files for malicious attachments and should the directly linked images be hosted on a third party server with no HTTPS configuration, it would also invalidate the certificate on this forum for the specific page where the image is linked into.

(enenra) #246

It’s not ideal but better than nothing. Thank you.

(Felix Kütt) #247

it’s not a very complex user-style so you could probably experiment with the percentages in there for yourself easily enough.

(AdeptusT) #248

Wait, image links are converted to hosted images? Did you hear the ruckus about one search engine removing View Image link because one stock photo company complained about copyright infringements?

Also, does it obey no-cache, must-revalidate or max-age directives? And why images but not videos? Same principle would apply, avoid broken posts. And same legal issues, caches/proxies are different thing than hosting.

It’s a tricky thing, one side the legal aspect, other side the fixing aspect (updating a picture means hunting down all places where it was posted and then auto-copied), another the linkrot. Probably more.

(djwaterman) #249

Well. this new platform hasn’t gotten any better or easier to use, it’s pretty awful in every way, I don’t think I can find a single thing that’s better from what was, unless it’s coding stuff users don’t see. We’ll all eventually forget how much nicer the old forum was, and we’ll begin to think that the multiple clicking and sliding is just the new normal. But for the record, it’s no improvement. Also, laggy as all hell. Just venting cos it’s true, it’s not like I had anything invested in the old platform, it worked as you’d expect and I don’t remember getting “used” to it when I first found it, but that’s the last I’ll say.

(strapazie) #250

“awful in eve way” man… Don’t exaggerate… The fact that I am writing this on my phone without constantly zooming to buttons, and swiping from left to right, to see everything, is proof, that there is improvement.

(Gumboots) #251

I hate everything and I want a pony for Christmas.

(Daedalus_MDW) #252

seriously? the mobile version of this site is worse then the lack of one at the old site. in fact, i still have to use the desktop one here.

is it REALLY too much to ask to have a desktop like homepage on mobile?

the sticky reply box is also going to drive me absolutely wacko.

(eobet) #253

The usability of the new forum is horrible.

  • The actual posted text takes up about 30% of my browser window width.
  • All posts blend together, because there’s just a barely visible thin line to separate them.
  • It breaks the native Browser scrolling paradigm, so it’s very difficult to perform basic navigation.
  • The removal of pages oddly feels as if threads are just “hanging in the air”. There’s nothing that “grounds” them. Before, it was like walking from room to room in an exhibition and taking in all the information. Now, it’s like catching leaflets blowing through the air…

(Gumboots) #254

Ok, without meaning to be rude, and asking out of genuine interest: are you prepared to do anything about it? If not in the way of actual coding (which I realise not everyone is into) then at least in the way of trying options that could be provided, and attempting to give constructive feedback?

(ethicalfive) #255

I love the huge ads everywhere! Way better than the clean forums before!

Now i know where I can get my cryptocurrency from! Thanks BF

(zanzio) #256

The blender foundation doesn’t run these forums. They are currently owned by blender nation. I don’t think its a non-profit, so you can expect ads.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #257

Correct. And without ads I couldn’t finance it, please keep that in mind.

(Uniday Studio) #258

I’m the only one that loved the new forum? Specially the mobile version. Dude, I’ve now the BA icon on my phone! WOW! By the way, I agree that the infinity scrolling (specially on the phone) is bad :confused:

(Blujay) #259

You’re not alone, I love the new forum as well!
Though to be fair, I wasn’t around on the old forum very long, so I wasn’t used to the old forum like others were.
The infinity scrolling doesn’t bother me much, except if I’m trying to find a specific post, since I don’t usually remember the post number. It’s nice in terms of keeping the flow of the replies smooth when reading though.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #260

This is interesting; I personally find infinite scrolling on my phone especially good - the alternative is finding a tiny page browser, clicking next and waiting for the page to load. With infinite scrolling, you just flick the page and you continue reading. What makes it bad on mobile for you?

(shawn.kearney) #261

Awesome. Now we have another GUI to endlessly debate over.

(Uniday Studio) #262

When the post is too big, with thoudands of replies, I find out hard to easly go to the last message. Sometimes if I click on the progress bar on the bottom right, the site let me go to the end. but sometimes no (bug? Sometimes I’ve to click more than 1 time to make it work). I don’t understand how it works on mobile yet. lol

(Bart Veldhuizen) #263

Please try to document the exact conditions when that happens - I cannot reproduce it here.

On mobile there’s a different looking page widget at the very bottom of your screen. Tap it to open.