I hear.....

Blender 2.5 will be able to wash your hair and change your tires for you.

Is this true?:spin:


yes it is true, but blender 2.47 can do it too ,if you close your eyes and keep chanting “2,4,6 ,8 who do we appreciate,blender macros initiate”

It’s also coded with genetic algorithms. After you work with it for some time, it will produce your very own 2.51, 2.52 …

I heard Blender 2.5 will contain the code needed to defeat Skynet once it takes hold.

I hear Blender 2.5 can detect the user skills, and runs only for professionals. :wink:

What blender is becoming proprietary software again? I guess then they will introduce a 3dMax GUI :rolleyes:

And then what, there’ll be like enough users left to count on one hand? Lighten up endi.

I heard blender 2.5 will have a great red round button in the center of any window saying: “create great art masterpiece” which will make professionals out of all of us anyway.

I hear there will be a Pro version of Blender just for Endi. Only he can master it. The other users (noobs, hobby users, etc.) will just get the “normal” Blender.

Endis attitude against “not prefessional” users is idiotic and he sounds like a broken record when he repeat his nonsense.


Hey guys lighten up it was ment ironically and even if it wasn’t who cares let endi be endi! It’s not like he can keep Blender out of the GPL.

Besides don’t we all want to have a 3DMax GUI :wink:

I heard that 2.5 will take over television in baby-sitting our children, and will also cook easy mac to perfection with alt-shift m, 1; 2 is for ramen.

Wow, I knew it would be able to wash your hair for you, but CHANGE YOUR TYRES? Man, I definitely need to start putting the money that I am saving with blender and go out and buy that Merc. I’ve always wanted. ou know, the one that does the dishes if you forget in the morning.

My blender has all those features…
My 2.47 can make stuff i trade for real money.
I use that money to get my hair washed and my tires changed.

Well, I’ve heard that blender 2.50 is actually 4.27 version from the future! Since it’ll have time travel capabilities, you will simply go forward in time and take the already finished work you did, back to your present and have the project instantly finished. You will never miss a deadline again.

Ton is already in talks with his future self to organize the time-transfer of the source code. However in the future he is Satan so he must sell his present soul. Coincidently, this is why he became Satan in the first place and why he wants his soul back from himself in the past. However don’t spread this around, as Autodesk wants to be the only Satan in the game and wouldn’t like all of this.

Time travel is already in trunk!
get it from graphicall.org,

actually, you’ll be able to use blender as a car.
A time traveling car. Just like back to the future

it’s still a little buggy though…

2.50 Is God

Blender 2.5 will be closed source and available for 250euro when ready.



Really? I’d buy that for a dollar…:o;)

Blender 2.50 shall smite thy enemies.

I hear it’s so awesome that Chuck Norris is changing his name to Blender 2.5.

what no spreadsheets? now i’m pissed…