I need opinions for a human model

Hello, I am trying to make a human model and before continuing with the body I wanted to hear some opinions, the objective is to use the same model for different characters so the topology should be useful for men, women and allow to modify particular traits, which I have it allows me? For now the only problem I see is that the cheek bone creates annoying shadows but I cannot remove them so if anyone knows how to fix that I would appreciate it


your topology looks very good so far, but i would correct this poles here:
to fix the smoothing , ctrl+n just in case for recalculate normals, and merge by distance, if is not a normal problem, then go to sculpt mode use the smooth brush with 100 of strength and do a little stroke there, and enable symmetry btw…

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thanks for the tips, I’m just starting to model and I don’t have confidence in myself to use sculp mode, the vertices you pointed out are due to the union of 6 edges, so if it’s the union of 5, no problem? If so, is it for any reason?


yeah 5 poles is fine but avoid six poles as possible, but you can let them in areas that are flat mostly…

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I guess I shouldn’t make a new post so I have to keep updating with answers, although I’m not sure how this works yet. anyway:
improve the face but I still do not feel it well, the problem of the shadows seems to vanish if I make them accompany the mesh

I was also working with the torso, the back did not have many problems but the rib area was very difficult and even so the topology is a mess.
I tried to make the limits of the muscles with the topology so that I could modify the mesh in some easy way to vary the musculature of the character, although I still don’t know how I’m going to do it, it seems that I can use shape keys but I think I could also do it with bones

Now the muscles are exaggerated to easily recognize that edges define them, even so it is very deformed, especially the abdominals, but I suppose I can leave it for when I finish the model, I think I am going to make them modifiable with bones, although I heard that the paint vertex it’s going to be torture, anyway, any advice would be appreciated

I think the nipples are mishandled, too many unnecessary faces, right now the model has 66k faces using 2 subdivisions


I guess I’m going to share my progress this way
I finished the arms yay, at least for the first time, the torso I did it 4 times :c

As my priority now is to have a topology that allows me to modify the model, I am not worrying much about it looking good, even so I am trying to make it well proportioned so if anyone has any recommendations for the topology or some anatomy, Thanks. what worries me is to ignore the shape a lot and when I finish the model and want to retouch it to make it look good it will be impossible to fix it without disassembling the whole model

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maybe the forearm is very wide

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I myself am starting out with 3D sculpting/modelling. So I can’t help with topology since I also share the same concerns as you. BUT I can say that the arm looks really good! The forearm looks good to me. The only change I’d do is:
lusguioncelta forearm2
Squeeze in the triceps a little bit as they reach the elbow and make the flexor carpi ulnaris rounder.

Looking forward to your success!!

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I’m glad you said it because I had already done it, it makes me feel more confident, now I’m trying to do the legs and there are too many interlocking muscles, do you recommend any particular book to understand anatomy? I’m looking for something simple, I don’t plan on being a surgeon lol

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Oh that’s awesome!! The change looks great!!

And yeah, legs are really complex, specially the hip area (at least for me lol)

The books I recommend are Stephen Rogers Peck’s “Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist”
^^^ This one in particular shows you arm and leg muscles from all sides. Which is really good!


Valerie L. Winslow’s “Classic Human Anatomy in Motion”.

Those are extremely good books that show you high detailed drawings of muscles, bones and skin, as well as info and tips on how muscles/bones work and how to draw them.
As for proportion of the Human Body, Andrew Loomis’ “Figure Drawing for All its worth”.

I know these focus on 2D artists, but TRUST ME, these are very good for reference. Without them I wouldnt be able to do the sculpts that I’ve done.

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finally finish the upper legs, the easy thing is to mark the muscles and fill them, the difficult thing is that the muscle that ends the contour of the leg does not end with a strange topology

I think I could make the glute longer, it is a little out of proportion, the triceps could be thinner, there is also something strange about the spine, but in general it is well on the way

I went into crisis and started the model again? I went into crisis and started the model again.
looking at it on the positive side now i can start over with everything i learned along the way, i just hope this is the last time i start the model

Now I was aware of the importance of loops and poles so I could do something much more orderly and by already knowing what I had to do I could avoid several problems of connecting the topology that I had had before

New topology is better. I think better to make some base mesh of full body and sculpt details later. It is easy to lost big picture when making it part by part.
try to google hippydrome , he did pretty good and simple topology.

For anatomy, try to use more references and watch more anatomy, here is good channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ProkoTV
For now anatomy is pretty weak, arms (triceps and biceps is too symmetrical, try to avoid that. )
and better to find forms by sculpting, not by modeling. For that you do not need perfect topology, you can always make re-topology later. Good luck.

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I am going to take note of the hippydrome models for when I do the rigging, this time I am going to try to make the bones that show up on the skin as another object and use shrinkwarp to deform the skin around them
As for sculp, I’m not sure, I don’t have the soul of an artist and I have the feeling that sculp mode is, well, like sculpt, vertex editing is more mechanical but I feel comfortable with it.
As for anatomy, I’m investigating what lametart recommended and doing the muscles in separate parts with their own flow, if it doesn’t work and I go into crisis again, I suppose I could try sculp.
I’m not sure I understand the symmetrical biceps and triceps but I hope to achieve something better defined this time, thanks for the advice.

I was researching a bit of retopology, and it seems much easier because you just have to decide on a good topology building on the finished model. the problem is that I need the finished model first and as I said to do it with sculpt for now it does not appeal to me. I can think that I am doing the retopology of an imaginary model and although it is more difficult for now it does not demotivate me

It can be a real pain to juggle too many new things. Better to divide the work into manageable chunks and figure them out one at a time.
Maybe you can first model as you do now, but focus only on anatomy and proportions, don’t worry if your wires are a mess. And then, when it feels good enough, do retopology on top of that.

And don’t let a crisis stop you =) Things will not be perfect the first, second and who knows how many times. Especially when you continue to learn and constantly raise the standards you hold yourself up to. But it’s good to call something done once in a while so strive to finish the work even if you want to start from scratch by the end of it.
Have fun!

…btw, sculpting is just a different mechanical skill like drawing, everyone can learn it with practice (if they want). There’s no such thing as a soul of an artist =)

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I have not updated for a while, I am studying for some exams so I do not advance much, besides that I feel that it is not something new, even so I can show the working method that I use now.
now I’m keeping the muscles separated in case I need to add a loop and it makes it easier to fix everything
For now the chest seems strange to me but with that topology it will not be difficult to make a woman’s breast, although possibly that is the reason why the shape seems strange to me, even so the idea is to obtain the male and female model of the same mesh
Another thing that I’m sure going to have to fix is the armpit, too many muscles converge at a single point but having them separated will not be difficult to fix

Well, I was finally able to finish the armpit area, although the intersection of the deltoid with the triceps still needs work, I did a quick union to see how it looks

Also while making the ss I noticed a six pole :c

luckily I was able to fix it without resorting to any weird topology :smiley:

I am doing the serratus anterior and the oblique, the shape leaves me satisfied but the topology is uncomfortable, because of the way I have the rest of the muscles it is very difficult to make this area look good
That is why I need to be told if that topology is passable or I have to find another way to accommodate it, the problem I have to solve is that when going from the abdominals to the back, the vertices have to be the least possible because in the back they end up very compressed

new crisis yay, after investigating a little more anatomy I realized the disaster that was the back so I did it again.

I hope it differentiates which is the new and which is the old, aesthetically there is not much difference, even the old may be a little better but the topology of the new one follows the muscles much better. I still have to improve his form, something that is complicating me a lot is joining the teres major with his triceps.

I also started to work with all the muscles together and have them differentiated by colors, I saw it in a tutorial and I liked it, although I assigned a different texture to the faces of each muscle, I don’t know if there is a better way.

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