I want a character created based off photographs. (question about jobs first)


I want to have a Human Life Like Character of a model created… ie: (an actual model, female, supermodel etc…)

The model can be created from scratch or start from a template it doesn’t matter to me… (if you use DAZ to import models to blender etc etc etc) if you do have a template it needs to be open access so I don’t get in trouble

Focus would have to be the face more then anything. I want the full nude character made. But want the face to be LIFE-LIKE, you would be working from a few chosen galleries… with heaps of photos to go from.

I would want the skin on the face especially to be a image texture so I can paint makeup or warpaints etc!
If you wanted to… optional… bit would appreciate 1 or 2 sets of clothes created for the NUDE body. (not so important tho)

Job opens 13th FEB… that’s when I will choose the interested artist.
I would like the model completed in around 2-4 weeks time frame… not sure a big deal…

I am unsure about how ownership works with jobs like this… I’d want to be able to use it in any way I please… Display it online if want to.
Your welcome to keep the model to use on portfolio and if you want to reuse it I would like to know, and permit that!

PM me if interested for a photo of who I want created.
PM me if you have experience here to show me some past work.

Cash would be $100 AUD paid via PAYPAL and would want a good JOB done…

many thanks everyone…

IMHO contest for 100 AUD for this kind of job won’t attract too many artists.

Thankyou for your message egonator

Good to know… I will leave it out for a while if anyone has interest maybe someone might take on the job .

I think the competition reward is too low myself… I think I’ll look into a few artists and see they folios

No, this is not allowed. If artists do work for you, you need to pay them. Please remove this part from your message.

Done buddy… Altered main post.

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Yup this is way below minimum wage in a whole host of countries. I think maybe you could get half a day’s work if you are lucky, definitely not 2-4 weeks worth of work. But than there is always that desperate fool who is terrible at math.

2-4 weeks means a hobbyist or meaning time not an issue!

If it’s too little that’s fine… I am going to maybe have to end up with using facegen pro… tho a fair learning curve… and crappy results haha…

It’s just wishful thinking really.

This is getting off-topic for this post. He’s in his right to offer a low price, with the risk of no artists applying. Feel free to continue this discussion in #general-forums:off-topic-chat.

I’d say the pay is pretty low, but I’m a starter in freelancing and don’t have much to show on my portfolio so that kinda works for me. The only thing holding me back is I’m not entirely sure if I’m able to do this… Perhaps you could pm me the photo just in case?

Job was taken

thankyou for your private messages