icons for Blender 2.5


This place became quite hard to manage, so I decided to start a blog.
Will still put memos about my work here, but this thread should become a pure discuss panel for everyone who wants contribute, not only support me.

More info here: the pixel-sized blog

I like those. I dont know why people complain about updating the buttons sometimes. The current buttons(mostly) look pretty outdated, not very good at all.
Despite what many say, Appearance makes a lot of difference in any app.

Those are stunningly cool, but it’s a bad idea to have all those blank spaces, it means we can’t use these in a production envionment right now.

Off hand, the only things that make no sense to me are the manipulators and the vert/ edge / face select options. They where much clearer before.

I’d use them in a second if you’d finish them off (and in a lot of cases all you have to do is duplicate the icons) and if broken gets his icon patch commited.

I like them, especially their unique und uniform design! Keep working on this, it’s great.

looking good in my opinion!!!

nice! looks very blenderish

A nice, minimalistic set although I worry about the lack of contrast… any chance of seeing a Blender screen using these?

really nice icons, jendrzych ! they remeber me a bit the new cinema 4d icons
hope to see them integrated in Blender one day.

Most outstanding! Almost all of the icons are instantly recognizable for me. I trully like this consistent theme that surely would combine nicely with the default rounded theme. Very professional

Thx for nice words, will back to work after vacations.
For now here’s screenshot of icons in use:


Oh my… those are nice!!
The pivot icons are much more clear than the standard icons.

Where can I vote for making this iconset the default? :smiley:

I do think a slightly darker color scheme (for the ui, not the icons) would make the icons look even better though. Look:

Ooooh… truely… if I could use these icons for everyday’s work, I’d be in heaven! Modo? 3ds Max? Maya? Hahahahah… Blender with these icons looks way more professional. Well done!

btw. Why does everyone forget about the sculpt icon? :smiley:

The only icon that annoys me is the cursor, blends in too easily with backgrounds and grey models, does this version have a different one?

@Fonix Wircs
By cursor you mean the pale arrow in right upper corner of iconset sheet? If so, it aint a cursor but an icon in outliner. It represents “disabled selection” for an object. Check screenshot I posted.

They all look better than the defaults and most of them make more sense as well.
Only the manipulator icons stand out as being unclear.
Radiosity and Simulation have always been a problem - I’m not sure it’s possible to make a tiny icon that clearly communicates those ideas. What you have is at least easy to remember.

If I could make a suggestion - I think a speaker might be better than a music note for the Audio Window.

wow they make a lot more sense than the old ones don’t they, very easy to understand what ech means… great.

however i do agree that the contrast/ instant recognition is fairly difficult, just because of the muteness of the oclours, but this could be because of the theme being used on the blender screenshot. is there a screenshot with it on a darker or lighter theme (or default theme) could be great to see.

i would support these icons if they stood out enough.


p.s. don’t be afraid to use more colours, just pick a complimentary colour pallette. colour recognition goes with the others to help differentiate. since orange is used so much it has become a standard colour (not a stand otu colour) so you need other colours to help standing out.

X-Y-Z axis translate rotate and scale should all use Red-green-blue (nice hues of these though) for consistency.

create four standard colours, red, green, blue, and orange. then limit the colour pallete to them.

there are lots of places i am designing the need for red-green and blue into my ergonomics proposal (proposal for mirror X, Y, Z buttons in sculpt mode is one)

but great forms, and great colours so-far.


they look really good

but i think the icons for the 3d widget translate, rotate and scale are very bad. they are not very clear visually or in other words to abstract. a circle a cube and a triangle are standard symbols and known by nearly everybody who uses maya c4d or other apps.

Wow excellent pieces, just correctly abstract. Would love to see them in action :slight_smile:

All good points I think had been said already…so I just second…!!

wow… these are EXCELLENT! consistent coloring and style…
have to try it out instantly.