Idea : Putting Comments in Node Editor

Blender has a powerful node system and it’s fantastic! I like to use it for postprocessing.
However, it’s not so easy to understand what it does by looking at the nodes and their connections when there are a lot of nodes and the connection gets complicated. Even when I see the nodes that I created a few weeks before, I have some difficulty to remind what I wanted to do with them.

So I want to put my comments like this way:

Currently, we cannot put comments in Node Editor. I think with putting comments, the difficulty will be reduced somewhat. Does it sound good or bad?

Here would be not a good place to ask such a question, but I wanted to listen to other’s opinions. Please give me any feedback :slight_smile:

Oh, there is such a text node in Nuke, I haven’t done a big enough job in Blender yet, to miss that, but it’s genious for collaborative work.

That’s a very good idea. :slight_smile:

You can write comments with the grease pencil
Its not as clean as a comment node but it works

I bet it would be easy to write a script for that. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time, and I suspect no one else will, even though I think this is a good idea.

a dedicated note node is what I would prefer greace pencil is ok for rough annotation but not a lot of text

Thank you all!!! Happy with lots of pros.

I didn’t know that I can use grease pencil in Node Editor.
Yeah, the purpose is the same as what grease pencil want to do.

+1 for a great idea !

Unless you have a tablet it’s highly unpractical in my opinion. Also, even with a tablet it’s is not suitable for large amounts of text.

As for comments, I’m not sure I’d want them as “nodes” either, permanently occupying precious screen space. Maybe with simple node set ups they are ok, what if things get more complex and there’s the need to document many nodes? It would become soon an unmanageable mess in my opinion.

Maybe something in the form of “tooltip comments”? Or a button in the node title temporarily showing the attached comment when clicked (and something like “right mouse click - edit node comment” to change the text)?

I did mentioned this few months back.
Many Blenderheads want it, but coders haven’t made any yet.
Keep pushing for this to be made.
Because in the end everyone will use it.

And for people who argue that Grease Pencil can do the same,
they can do the same alright,
but they are really a mess (size, color, bad hand writing),
not professional for proper presentation.

Having a separate node for commenting on general set-ups / areas of compositing network, and a pop-up / tool-tip like note tool for commenting on individual notes would be a great addition.

At the moment Blender has frames which already go a long way to making compositing setups a lot easier to manager, having notes / commenting tools, along with the point / connector helper object would make complex no(odel)de setups a thing of the past (Well as long as the users made good use of the helper objects :wink: ).

There’s definitive a need for some Kind of Comments System in the Node Editor. (imo)
Not shure tough if it should be another new Node. Same concerns as S12a there, could get messy.

Maybe incorporate it in to the Frame Node? (osx Quartz Composer’s Notes look exactly like the Blender Frame Node)
Or have a “Note” for every Object in the Toolbar, like current Label and Name?
Maybe both so one can have like General Notes(Frame) visible in Node Editor and more detailed, if needed, in toolbar.
I Think having the ability to add notes in Node Editor would make sense in some situations, but having all notes there could be messy. Or make the Notes like a Layer which could be turned on/off?

The easiest way to make it could be adding a collapsable ‘Comments’ field in the Properties panel on the right (for every node).


It makes sense to me. In good code you see comments all over place, not only for the original programmer, but for anyone else looking at the code as well. As node setups get more complicated, especially as Cycles gets more and more widely used, good commenting is a must if node setups and materials are going to be shared.

anyone can explain how to use the grease pencil in node editor
or give a wiki page or a short video on this subject ?


Good idea /nod

I’ve been wanting this for a long time!

Edit: You can use labels on nodes. It helps keeping things a little more organized, but comments would still be great!

You might want to start with the ‘Grease Pencil’ panel in the ‘N’-key properties side bar and go from there.

I think the grease pencil is the worst approach / tool to place notes into Blender. It is ok for making some quick annotations circling something in the 3D view etc. But thats it.

For more text a simple text node is more efficient and also easier to edit adjust move etc.

I couldn’t agree more! Grease Pencil is great for personal notes, sketches, etc. But it is absolutely useless at making notes that are readable by other people; or at least it is for people like me who have illegible handwriting.

I would like to either see a comment node type that can be attached (not noodled) to any other note, or else I would like to see a comments section in the node properties for each node.

@revolt_randy I love it :slight_smile:
Its simple and not obtrusive
One thing that would make it perfect would be that all nodes that contain comments change color or give the user some indication that they contain comments
Did you stop working on it completely?
So many cool projects that never get completed :frowning: