IglooMans digital painting

I got a graphics tablet so I thought I would post some of my digital paintings and sketches:)
Here’s the first thing I drew, not sure why I drew it but I did.

Another one.

I’ve been working on shading this one, expect updates:)

Now with shading. Looking for critique.

I use tablet for 3 years now and still learning, it’s very difficult in the beginning but practice makes perfect as they say.

Quick one

Read the stiky with resource and books.

Quick Sketch. Would have done more with it but it was far to low res to get any real detail so I stopped there. Oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

Another sketch, I seem to understand hands. My faces come out mediocre but my hands are always better… guess I need more practice :slight_smile:

lol, i need one of these, these would be perfect for concept art :stuck_out_tongue:

Another Sketch thingy I’m starting :slight_smile:

Guy Sitting on Bench :slight_smile:

You have an interesting approach on your sketches - it seems there is plenty of potential within you and there is glimpses of a fine talent. Look forward to your progress.

Thanks kbot, it’s much appreciated. I’ve been trying to get better at sketching since it would seem that there’s a close connection between ones drawing ability and their ability to model, even if it’s just a good understanding of form.

Another sketch. This ones really quick, only a minute or two went into it :stuck_out_tongue: I think it turned out all right though…

If you get a chance google “drawing on the right side of the brain by betty edwards” and maybe get it from your library. The book is beautifully written, and although a bit controversial, every page is worth it’s weight in gold as it’s easy to understand for beginers.

I don’t think the book is actually geared for you as you seem to be doing kind of “abstract/aesthestic/personal/freestyle” work, but any knowledge is bankable in my opinion.

I totally agree that all knowledge is bankable, that’s a really useful philosophy. I’ve actually gotten the chance to glance through that book but I couldn’t thoroughly study it since it wasn’t mine :(. I would appreciate the chance to study it more completely though. I have it on hold from the library! :slight_smile:

It believe what may be more of the order of the day is some anatomical studies, though I can’t really bring myself to do them. They seem like they’d be such a bore…

So I found a sketch of a tree I did a long time ago and decided to shade it, here’s the result.

for your people, i’d suggest you start by drawing from references in order to improve your proportions and work on your lighting but, as for your tree, it’s excellent!

Well, I’m not sure if it’s actually what Highlander meant, but I’ve begun to copy a photo as meticulously as I can. I’m hoping to capture it’s “essence” so I’ve spent going on an hour on the eyes alone. Speaking of, here’s the eyes.

I don’t actually consider them to be done at this point, there’s probably a good deal of tweaking yet to go but I’m pretty happy with them as of now. High five to whoever can guess who it is (he’s famous) These eyes are actually starting to give me the creeps, staring at me all the time…:eek:

Anyhow, even if it isn’t what he meant this is a really valuable learning experience and it’s a whole lot harder than I had imagines it to be.

The final result

It’s not perfect, but I sure did learn a lot about lighting and the like through the process.

It is looking better. You can also try to measure your areas by the width of the eye, making small dots to mark your measurements. Typically there is an eye width between the eyes, as well as on on either side of the eyes. In the previous picture, you see that you could fit two eye widths on the side of the right eye there.

Measurements in this way will help you get closer to a realistic output. Another good exercise is to turn the reference upside down and compare to your drawing (upside down) and see where your mind picks up on areas that need to tighten in or loosen up.

Again, very nice work so far :slight_smile: Keep it going!