I'm making a Screen-Space Global Illumination for EEVEE

In the last few weeks I’ve been developing my own SSGI for EEVEE so I can have results similar to Cycles in (almost) realtime.

This render only used one light source (directional light):

Currently there are just two other SSGI options for EEVEE. The most popular one is not updated in a long time and the othe one is really good, but have some annoying problems that i’m trying to avoid.

I pretend to make it available for free in November (ya know, Nodevember lol).

More test renders with only two light sources, feedback is appreciable :smile: :


Just a heads up- SSGI will be implemented in Eevee natively very soon (when Eevee Next is complete), your work looks really good but it be redundant by the time it’s complete


I heard about that some time ago but I didn’t see any other information since. It’ll come to 3.4? I thought it would take more time to be implemented, I barely see anyone talking about this, and this is kind of a big deal.


I know Eevee Next is targeted for 3.4 but that’s not a given… I don’t mean to discourage you from working on this, I personally doubt that Eevee Next will actually make release target and be stable enough to use for quite some time


Thank you for reminding me actually, It’s a valid point, but I’m kinda tired of waiting for this native SSGI lol.
And for some reason I don’t see anything about the new features of EEVEE Next in the release notes of 3.4. I know it’s still in Alpha, but there’s a bunch of information about Cycles and the new Path Guiding feature:

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It probably will still take a few weeks or months haha.

Also was wondering, I don’t know much about this stuff, I know it’s screen space but is it possible to still have SSGI work with a light source even if it’s off-screen?

I know that kind of defeats the purpose of Screen Space, but having a light 1 meter outside the camera view would mean the light disappears and SSGI no longer works, so maybe it can somehow extend or give priority to any strong light source despite it being off-screen?

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I don’t think it’s possible to do that. The only possible way I can imagine having screen space effects outside the screen limits is by rendering a zoomed out image and then cut the image back to the intended size, which is not exactly ideal.

This kind of effect is usually just to improve the lighting of your scene, and not to actually create the lighting. For this you still need to use the usual point/spot/directional lights.


Are You aware of 0451’s SSGI?

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Yup, that’s the one that I said it hasn’t been updated in a while, the addon version doesn’t deal very well with blender 3.3 and the custom build uses the blender 2.9 alpha. I’m making an updated version.


Just correcting that the one I did - latest build is on 3.12, but it’s uploaded to Drive not gumroad (link to that is on gumroad also).
Edit: Uploaded it to Gumroad also.

Result wise your implemenation is looking good. What’s the approach you did it with? Inside Blender or with modifying source?

Regarding the offical Eevee Next version. When I looked at the source code that was uploaded of that branchs months ago, the SSGI part seemed relatively functional. Whole thing seems stuck behind general Eevee next development.

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I’m glad to know that you still update your SSGI, I still think your implementation is the best so far, didn’t realize there was a more recent version!

I’m making mine inside Blender through shader nodes inspired by your SSGI addon and SSRT by PedroPLopes. I don’t have any image of my node group but is basically SSRT node with more options.

I wish they had included the Eevee Next version in the most recent 3.4 alpha available for download, but I didn’t see any option for that. I’m waiting for this feature since I first saw your implementation on askNK lol