Images missing in Forum Gallery


I was looking through the Gallery and noticed there were several images missing and/or returning dead links.

Namely the folowing:

Wouldnt it be better to transfer Gallery images onto, so such doesnt happen anymore?

Also i find it very disturbing in a so called Gallery, having to click on a link in the Post to get to the image:rolleyes:. How about some rules to be accepted it the gallery?


  • Representing image, uploaded on which shows in Forum post! (ALSO for animations!)
  • wires
  • some information: how long it took, what renderer ect.


ps… just wondering: how did the long ago discussion on a thumbnail preview (like it is on end, which would be agreat tribute to the gallery imo?

I agree with you.

guess what you want is that the mods/admins would all so start correcting the finished works posts that have been accepted into the gallery(and the uploading system would be only accessible for admins&mods, logically enough)? though i agree, that would be only a good thing, and not too hard to-do, i suppose… :slight_smile:


They wouldnt even have to correct it.

They can put up a Rule/Policy in Finished Artwork, that says, the Work will only be accepted into the Gallery, if so and so.

One Point would be uploading an Attachement of your Image into the Post (blenderartists Image Attachement), everyone would have to do that for themselves. Ok its only 244kbytes, but high-res images could be linked then.

Only very few seem to use the blenderartists attachement function … (me incuded yeah …)
dont know why though.:smiley:

And I think, wanting to be accepted in the Gallery will teach everyone to keep to the rules.
if not, a quick mod reply eg: hey dude your work is great, it will be moved to the gallery if u change this and that.
Or please read the rules so we can move your work to the gallery.


well, with the attachments youll still have to click an annoying link to see the full image! :wink:

well, with the attachments youll still have to click an annoying link to see the full image!

Well, you can’t have blender’s fast interface everywhere… :wink:

I agree with the problem of dead links. Artwork would be better if available directly from BA. Perhaps not as user attachments since those are limited per user and can be deleted. And thumbnails aren’t a must. I mean if you go to a gallery thread you probably want to see the whole image anyway not just the thumbnail.

I agree and have mentioned it to Goofster a few times before.

With that being said, if the owner of said images does no longer want it up, then it is their decision to remove it and we have to respect that decision.

There is also the possibility that Goofster does not want to host this stuff, due to band width issues, capacity issues, etc. as well.