Import Movie Files to create Screens with light emission


I’m pretty new to Blender. I want to be able to use Blender as a planning tool with simple animations / renders for video art projects.

I already figured how to import .movs (simple by drag&drop) and also how to import images a a plane.

Now in order to have some room feeling I would like to be able to use the Movie files / planes with movies on it as light sources, i.e. the same when you have a TV / screen in a dark room; it emits light.

I have made quite some google searches for that, but haven’t really been able to find the tutorial I was looking for.

Would be grateful for a simple step by step tutorial how to creat screens with moving images emitting light to the sourrounding.

Thanks for the help.


Can not answer your question, but maybe you could use something like this method ??


If you find something that works, please post your results, im sure others (me for one :slight_smile: ) would like to play around with it too.


If I understand correctly, you want to place videos in 3D space. Is that correct?
You can create an image sequence as an emission shader and assign the material to a simple plane.


Interesting… Tested with 2.81 rendered with Eevee, added “image as plane” while selecting a video clip, then changed to an emissions shader, cranked it up, tossed on the Bloom setting in Eevee and this happend. Second plane add just to show what the first one is playing.

This is not much of a tutorial but heres what i did (hope you/someone finds it useful)…

In this post all was done with Blender 2.81, Cycle engine at 64 samples along with the AI De-noise node from the Compositing tab.

And here we go…

  • Searched blenders add-ons (Edit->Preferences) for “image” and enabled “import image as plane”.
    Then imported my movie clip (the spaceship/crop field thing) File->Import->Images As Planes
    Setup the material nodes for that (only reason for the last Mix-Shader was testing):

    Added some other objects, the big box with out a front face (white material and roughness all the way up), little box to get a shadow and then a pure black plane slightly bigger and just behind the emission video clip to make the border.
    After adding the emission shader to the video clip it was a bit bright and washed out which i wanted to bring back. Jumped into the Compositing tab and grabbed the color-balance node and start to play with it… there was a point where the video look normal, but then i started to get “artistic” and ended up with what you see. Pulling the video-emission plane forward off the back wall helped with the emission to reflect better on the top of the back wall. Heres the Compositing nodes.

Personally learned a lot with this little thing, thanks for starting the thread and also thanks to @Christopher_Baumeist for posting the key ingredients.