import poser model to blender with bones


does anybody here have some experience with poser and bringing poser models into Blender including the bones / armature?

would collada do that?


Daz exports characters in collada format with bones and those can be imported in Blender. (I haven’t tested it with 2.5, but it worked with 2.49.

ah great - but this is DAZ, does it also apply to Poser ?
I am do not need Poser Pro the normal Poser is fine.


I don’t own poser, so I don’t know if there is exporter. However, Daz3D opens poser files and is free.

I have got some information here, but I have not used it. I may purchase if I get some good response from someone.
Example Script ( free ) they have provided, but it didn’t work. May Be paid one will work? I am not sure. May be the script for Poser ( may be not for exporting to Blender )


DAZ Studio is more powerful then I thought!

The posing is quite good to be honest.

It must be that they have some specific morph targets running since the mesh
in DAZ deforms much better then when I bring it into Blender and pose.

I tried the Poser Character Tools portion of this script set, but had some errors. My Poser 7 Runtime installation is not right so it may be that. The DSES script along with the Poser Character Tools is $5, not bad. They have a free Poser Prop Importer script, which I got and used and it worked, so I was encouraged to spend the $5.

And AFAIC, I don’t even need to use Poser. I just want to take advantage of the vast amount of cheap content as a starting point. Maybe save a few hours on modeling and rigging. Props are no big deal. Even some of the Poser character texture sets are nice.

very interesting - as I can see the coder tries to bring the morph and weight paints into Blender from DAZ models.

I have to say that DAZ is seriously a good tool and amazingly it is free.

Two things to note about Poser rigs that make the bone-weighted imports suck compared what they would look like posed in DAZ Studio or Poser itself:

  • Poser figures can, and quite often do, have blend shapes (morphs) which are blended into the mesh based on the amount of bone rotation.
  • More importantly, Poser has a very weird form of mesh weighting which doesn’t immediately jive with vertex weights. There is a whole system of inclusion & exclusion zones per bone (with configurable ellipsoid boundaries) along with bulge parameters that factor into the equation.

I have some code lying around from when I was looking at putting together a Blender importer. Never got around to finishing it, though I had some very enlightening discussions with the developer who made an importer for C4D on how the Poser rigging math worked.

Ok I know I’m revising a n old thread. And maybe I’m pursuing the wrong path but I’d like to get see if there is an improved workflow.

My view is that Poser content is an inexpensive way to start content creation. I figure you can get some inexpensive clothes, shoes, characters, whatever.

So I’m interested in a workflow where I do some basic character modeling in Daz Studio or Poser:

  • setting up basic mesh dimensions with morphs
  • possibly apply a base texture or character texture
  • cloth and accessorize characters

I experimented with Daz Studio and was able to get a KelvinG2, Vickie4, and Michael4 character with some rigging in with the Collada export! The problem is for Poser the Y-axis is up, and in Blender the Z-axis is up, I’m not sure how to rectify this. I’m not sure if there’s a trick that can be done with something like BVH hacker or even a plain text editor.

My main goal would be to get Poser characters in Blender with:

  • sliders for morph target as shape keys.
  • Skeletal rig for body movements
  • Facial rig for phonemes, eyebrows, eye target, jaw, etc.

I recently grabbed the 2.5Character Animation Cookbook:

And it has given me a wealth of understanding and explains a lot of what I saw in more sophisticated rigs but didn’t understand what was going on. While being about half way through the book, I think I have a better understanding of rigging for character animation.

What do people think about:

  1. Poser characters as the base for modeling.
  2. Collada data exchange with body rig, facial rig, possible morph target/shape key support, and possible animation support.

I’m also wondering if anyone has tried Blender 3D Club’s new Poser Tools for Blender 2.5

I have not had a chance to even load it yet. And I’d be curious if others are interested in contributing to getting something like this implemented into Blender source. I’m don’t have much money, but I’d make a contribution if others see it as a benefit to the community.

Any ideas?

I have Poser Debut as well as Daz 3 and 4, the problem is not importing. Importing is the easy part from Poser or Daz i export to OBJ format bring it into Blender 2.59 then i join the mesh as one. then i bring in the BVH file that is where i am having the problem. when i change from rest position to Pose Position the bones jump up and the mesh is distorted. I still trying to figure out whats wrong. I used a make human mesh and import a BVH file from another site that specializes in BVH files such the moonwalk.bvh and it works fine. Any ideas what i can try?

I recently had a discussion on how to export a rigged MakeHuman character into Poser with Collada, see

The important conclusions were:

  1. Only Pro versions of Poser support Collada.
  2. Collada files exported from Poser contain bones, which can be imported into Blender. Deformation is not so good, though, for reasons explained by BTolputt above.
  3. Currently the Collada importer for Poser ignores bones, presumably because it is difficult to translate between vertex weights and Poser weighting. A Collada file is thus always imported as a prop.

Another (commercial) option might be Interposer Pro:

Though I have no experience with that plugin, and I am not sure how well it would export to Blender.

I’ve been able to get a character from DAZ Studio 4 to Blender.
I export as a generic Collada from DS4.
I import into Blender
The new Mocap tools help a lot as I use the Fix BVH Axis Orientation button on the armature.
I then rotate the mesh 90 degree on the X axis (r, x, 90)

I you have more than one character (cloths, hair, shoes, etc.) they all get imported at center.
I usually rotate them on X axis 90 degrees, as well as do some translation on X and Z axis depending on what it is (up for hair, down for shoes, etc.). Sometimes there is some scaling involved.

Clothing may also come in with its own armature. After translating the clothing, I usually delete the armature and assign an armature modifier using the main figure’s armature, and then parent the clothing to the main mesh. I’ve gotten that to work for me.

My next step is in getting the face rigged to use Zign Track
They have BVH examples here:

I’d be nice to get the tcp/ip stream into Blender.

and/or the Face Bone tool

Anybody have thoughts on face rigging?

Try this tools DAZ Importer