Import Rhinoceros 3D files into Blender

Create a null and scale it down to %10, when imported make it a parent using the object properties panel, so that you do no need to track it all the time. Using Ctrl+P does not seem to inherit the parent’s scale.

Hi there. Any updates regarding this addon? It would be really nice if there was a way to maintain changes to the imported Rhino file such as material changes among others when models are re-imported from Rhino. Currently in an archviz workflow where there are constant changes to the project it is difficult to redo texturing every time the model is updated. Any thoughts?

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Ah, no updates yet. Sorry. Been a bit busy with clipping volume code in Raytraced (Cycles for Rhino).

It is on the list to maintain (material) changes done in Blender when reimporting a file, though.

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