Import Rhinoceros 3D files into Blender

Keeping this up to date, I installed the Import addon today and unlike earlier versions it works without additional libraries, right off.
Installed on Blender 2.90 for Windows (10 X64).
I installed addon version 0.0.8, downloaded from Github, which works well.

Edit: there is no preinstalled version, the earlier version in my case, must have originated from an earlier attempt to install the Rhino Importer addon then within Blender 2.8x, that carried through to newer Blender installations.
The addon version packaged with 2.90 is 0.0.6, which did not work, did not run at all, only a screen of errors.

I removed it and installed addon version 0.0.8, downloaded from Github, which works well.
(Note that the geometry from Rhino is not how one would model in Blender, faces of one mesh are usually not linked, only coplanar ones are, lots of triangles, etc. It is what it is, the importer works)


I guess it is time to give this a try again…

I believe, it would help migration if the meshes from Rhino were “welded”, linked. Apparently, I am quoting because I have no first hand experience in Rhino, hard edges are “unwelded” when Rhino interprets meshes.

Unlinked (unwelded) geometry is not ideal for continuing work in Blender. A few quick examples:

  • No loop manipulations - modeling
  • Poor behavior with transformation modifiers, like bevel, subdivide etc - modeling
  • Does not behave like a solid, so boolean operations will be wrong - modeling
  • Cannot be properly UV unwrapped - texturing
  • I assume, but need to verify, no mass properties - physics

So imho, it would be best if there is guide of Rhino actions to weld sharp edges, before the import to Blender or even better an option for welding in the addon, if that is possible.
Anyone with Rhino experience care to suggest a workflow, in clear steps?
I was told in the Rhino forum that there is a QuadRemesher action in Rhino, how does that fit into a preparation workflow?

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I suppose to get a quad-based mesh instead of the triangle-mess you generally get with the default Rhino mesher (:

Happy 2021!
About the unwelded edges, do you have a suggestion, how to get welded during Rhino export?

HI Jester,
I there any new development on this (Pretty Cool) Addon?
I read in the rhino Forum, that you are working on a second one?
Any details on that?
Thanks for your work, v008 is already quite usefull for my workflow, but i have high hopes for a new one based on Rhino7