Industry Compatible Keymap

I don’t want to argue with you.
I made a commitment to make a concrete comparison.
Try the blender method seriously and then we talk about it, but maybe I can agree that the way of learning to use classic blender is steeper and therefore more uncomfortable initially.

Do you think I didn’t? I’ve been fighting with blender since 2.4x… Bad times… :rofl:

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No idea what this really means. Either you are saying that it’s easier to use, so even children can easily pick it up (how is that a bad thing?).

Or you are saying you must use less of your brain to focus on the app, leaving more brain power and focus on the task. Again, that is surely also a good thing.

Or, perhaps you are making a statement similar to ‘Real men use difficult software”?

Consider professional high end cameras for film production. These cameras are often times WAY simpler than hobbyist cameras with their complicated menus, settings and dials. A pro-level Arri Alexa is way easier to use than a cheap low end SLR.

If something is easier to use, it’s not per definition less ‘pro’.

Many many high end productions have been created with artists using visual gizmos and interaction.

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what can I tell you, then your brain is not properly able to adopt a certain mode of use … (do not take this as an offense) I do not know this, what I found is when I tried the industry standard keymap and how to use I felt like I was missing a limb.

no no, it’s not a bad thing, I didn’t say this, it’s much easier to use, but just as noticeably less effcient, in my opinion

You have no clue of what you’re talking about, why would I get offended? :upside_down_face:

because there are touchy people around and feel offended with a lot less, so I take precautions, we never know :upside_down_face:

But in the hands of amateurs the cheap low end SLR tend to produce images that are in focus. No need to hire a dedicated focus puller.

I’d argue that rather than saying it is less efficient, it is instead simply newer. There were plenty of 2.5-2.79 “maya/max” like keymaps and addons that have done wonders for blender in the efficiency + usability department.

The industry standard keymap for 2.8 is great, and yet it is also the “new kid on the block”. It can and should be refined further, and blender itself should keep in mind these keymaps when designing new features. In other words, give it some time.

As more people move to blender from other applications, that industry standard keymap will most likely be used. Higher usage numbers will also have its effect.

I want to make a clarification to be better understood …
that the industry standard keymap is less efficient, I am not referring to the ergonomics of the keymaps, whether it is better than blender or the industry standard, I don’t care that this is just a matter of habit …
what I want to highlight is that you completely lose the use of modal operators … and this really makes blender “a toy” from my point of view …

Be aware that some things are much easier.

  • Press A or F to Frame All or Focus on the selection, is much easier to reach with this keymap.
  • It’s also much faster/easer to switch between transform tools, using W,E,R,T.
  • Inserting keyframes is faster with S, which also doesn’t bring up a long and slow menu.
  • The V key pie menu for viewpoints is, at least if you work on a laptop with no numpad, much easier. And even if you do have a numpad, it saves your left hand from moving all the way over to the other side of the keyboard.

These are just examples, but many things are much quicker with this kind of keymap.

Is ‘toy’ meant to be derogative? As in ‘it’s only a toy, that you cannot do ‘real’ work with’? Be aware that many high end blockbuster productions have been made in apps where the keymap is something like this - if you couldn’t do ‘real work’ with such a system, how come animated movies exist, which have not been made with Blender?

Or by ‘toy’ do you mean it’s much easier and more fun?

I refer to the combos
G + X or Y or Z + type of numbers
R + X or Y or Z + type of numbers
S + X or Y or Z + type of numbers
etc …

for me not having these modes is a big downsizing …

but then again, blender becomes easier for many people who come from other software and this is not bad. I recognize it.

(well then it is a real shame … if there were not R and G overlapping the two modes could very well live together …)

however, I think that you should create an option that is highlighted with a switch between active and modal tool, so that even those who are W, E, R, T. can use the modal tools …

so you would have …

W + X or Y or Z + type of numbers
R + X or Y or Z + type of numbers
E + X or Y or Z + type of numbers
etc …

Eh, you can still do those crazy combos with the industry keymap. The difference is that you do it when your mouse is down. Like: Select the rotate tool, middle mouse button down, X, 45. And there’s your crap. :wink:

Basically this dude is trying to pass off opinion as fact but is having a real hard time explaining why. :rofl:

well then so much better to dance seeing who uses the modal XYZ combo … so maybe you understand why (maybe putting the video at 0.25 speed hihihi)

I have no idea what you wrote here, but if your issue is that the industry keymap is not modal, it is actually. You can still type in values like you can in the Blender keymap.

That being said the one thing about Blender’s keymap I really like is the navigation. I like that I can pan, dolly, orbit without having to use a modifier key. I can navigate just with my mouse or trackpad.

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and to what you like, add modal modeling, which currently with the industry keymap is completely unused, this is a sin from the point of view of potential blender operation … this is what I’m trying to say …

Wait, are you saying its not there or are you saying people simply do not use it? If the latter, how do you know they are not using it?

currently with the industry keymap it is not possible to use the blender modal operators

because in the industry keymap W R E are Gizmo switchers

while in blender keymap S R G they are “grabber” and therefore modal operators

when I use the word COMBO for modal operators you have to imagine a combination of keys pressed in succession to get different results, in metaphor I like to compare this with the street fighter video game to give an idea of the speed of operation (I’m trying to make some processes explicit to make it clear why it is faster to press a key combination than to use the gizmo in some cases, especially in modeling)

You should give the industry standard keymap another spin. With it I can hit R for rotate, while using the numerical keys to change the degrees, I can scale and lock by using the same modal keys with number pad or x,y, z axis. If you begin to rotate just by grabbing the spherical area of the gizmo you can hit R again to flip through modes.

Clearly its possible to use Blender’s modal approach with this keymap to a varying extent. I’d argue the only thing that can make it more efficient atm is to match Modo’s approach which can grab as well as place gizmo for the operation simply by clicking anywhere and dragging.

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